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Share Your Story: Adam Townsend

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Adam was raised a Christian and his perspectives on money did not make him feel good about many aspects of calling. When he noticed the finance course offered at Island ECC, Adam was sceptical about the intentions of the church. Having gone through the course, he noted how practical it was and...

Share Your Story: Liwei Deng

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Liwei grew up in Mainland China and came to knew productivity and efficiency as the main indicators of personal worth. God, to Liwei, was a mythical figure in the clouds that held no meaningful relevance to practical living. He led a relatively self-indulgent life after moving to Hong Kong and...

Share Your Story: Annabel Choy

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Annabel had a rather smooth childhood and did not look much into issues of faith until she reached university. While in medical school, she began to struggle with her studies and the question of identity as she began to feel things slipping out of her control. As she began to lose faith in...

Share Your Story: Karlson and Kristen Wong

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Karlson and Kristen were looking for ways to grow their faith when they heard about the GROW course. Despite how challenging it initially appeared, they committed to going through it. From the course, they obtained insights into maintaining spiritual discipline and the importance of fellowship...

Share Your Story: Peter Li

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Peter committed to Christ over 30 years ago but met great opposition from his family, who were worshippers of traditional Chinese religions. The experience was so difficult that Peter eventually stopped going to church. God, however, continued to pursue Peter through sending his people as...

Share Your Story: Siew Ling Low

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Siew Ling went to Mongolia for three months and in that spend, God stirred her heart and called her for something bigger. She prayed and eventually decided to follow His call to move to Mongolia in February 2011. Through her work, she began to deepen her relationships with the children and...

Share Your Story: Connor Tsang and Nathan Chen

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Connor and Nathan met attending Island ECC’s Kids Club and became quick friends. Through this friendship, Nathan grew out of his quiet shell and began taking part in the classroom. A teacher at Kids Club introduced the two families and the relationship continued to grow as children and...

Share Your Story: Reinhard Manuel

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Reinhard came from Indonesia with his father, who served at a church for 6 years. One day, the church informed his father that they will discontinue the working relationship, which shocked the family and caused Reinhard great anxiety as it could mean having to leave Hong Kong. Reinhard...

Share Your Story: Seek First

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Outreach and the desire to reach lost populations in all corners of every nation is the heart of our church. Here at Island ECC, we have creative staff and volunteer teams who are constantly thinking of interesting ways to engage people with God's word and light. God honoured this...

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