Who We Are

Island ECC is a dynamic English-speaking international church in Hong Kong. Our hope is to see the life-giving light of Jesus Christ reach every corner and every heart in Hong Kong and beyond. 

Our Sundays

Every week, we continue to see God's faithfulness as over three thousand adults, youth and children gather to worship on one of the six dedicated floors our church calls home in a high rise in Quarry Bay. We have transformed each floor to allow for unique and creative worship, teaching and community-based experiences.

Our Team

As our church continues to thrive and grow, we rely on a team of over sixty dedicated and passionate staff, the support of a strong elder team, and hundreds of incredible volunteers to ensure that our church continues on its journey of sharing God's love. 

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Church isn’t a place, it isn’t a building, it’s not about Sundays. It’s about people being transformed by the truth and light of Christ, and then sharing this with the world.
— Brett Hilliard (Senior Pastor)

A Focus on Community

Because we strongly believe that church happens outside our walls and in the collective hearts of people, engaging in community and connecting with others around Hong Kong is something we prioritise. Our Care Groups are designed for you to share your life with others, to encourage one another, and to grow in your faith in a community setting. 

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A Focus on Equipping

The Bible is living and active and we desire for our church to continue to grow in understanding. We offer varied classes, learning opportunities and several annual conferences. 

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A Focus on Serving

We believe that in order to fully experience the power of community and the beauty of a thriving, growing church, we must engage as active participants. Our hope is that every person who calls Island ECC home does so from a place of service, using his or her gifts in a community setting. 

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A Focus on Outreach

The powerful, freeing and transformative message of Christ continues to inspire everything we do as a church, and we believe this message is intended to be shared beyond our walls, in Hong Kong and beyond. Outreach, both local and global, will always be central to who we are. 

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