Men’s Fraternity (MF) is our Men’s Ministry here at Island ECC. We believe men need other men: to rally around them, strengthen them, have man-to-man honesty, and experience got-your-back friendships. Men's Fraternity is a safe, authentic community that equips men to be transformed by God’s grace and aims to nurture a brotherhood where men can encourage and support one another through life’s trials and triumphs.

MF is content and context. The content is new tips and wisdom you wish you’d heard 10 years ago. The context is a community of frankness and friendship. The combination is empowering and habit-forming! — MF Leader

Weekly Gatherings

Our weekly gatherings aim to obtain a deeper intimacy with God and address relevant topics that men deal with on a daily basis. We start each meeting with dinner, and then break into topical discussion groups. We offer a variety of compelling studies and enable you to choose a track where you can experience change, comfort, and community in Christ.

Time and Location: Tuesday Nights at 7:00 pm at Island ECC, 10/F

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Mission Trip

We have an annual men’s mission trip where we have the opportunity to serve communities and impact lives through social service and workmanship.

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Throughout the year, we have key events like retreats and conferences where we can receive further training and get to know one another better.

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