Women's Ministry, The Village, is the sisterhood hub of Island ECC for all women to be activated to the full life that God made us for, revealed through the rich revelations of the bible.

The Village is an intergenerational and diverse sisterhood for all women walking out different stages of life together in support of one another. Women can come to this safe space to do life together, to just be, to grow in love for God, ourselves, each other and our world. 

The Village is lived out in three expressions: The Village Gathering, Moms Group and Women Bible Study Groups.

Weekly Gatherings

Our core gathering takes place every Wednesday night. We endeavour to create a space, physical or virtual, where we can encounter God every single time through God’s word, prayer and the genuine love of the sisterhood. Through this weekly gathering, we are expecting to be loved to a fuller life, challenged to grow, and equipped to bless the world.

Spring 2023

 From Feb 15 - May 24
Every Wednesday 
Location: 2/F Worship Hall, Island ECC, King's Road 633, Quarry Bay
7:30 pm – 9:30 pm


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Mom’s Group

Motherhood is both glorious and yet so hard. Are you longing for a community to share this stretch of the road? Are you a mom who longs to pause a moment and connect with other moms? Are you struggling with how to do the best for your family? Come join us at Moms' Group, a safe place where moms of all stages do life together! This is where we recharge, support, encourage and love each other. We laugh, cry, worship, fellowship, pray and study the Bible together on parenting, marriage, and spiritual growth. 

From Feb 2 to May 25
Every Thursday 
Location: 10/F Living Room, Island ECC, King's Road 633, Quarry Bay
Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Doors open at 9:45 am


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Mid-Week Bible Studies

There are many women only studies available to equip and grow your faith, led by great teachers within our community. 
Details and how to register in the links below.

Upcoming Studies
Walking in Power, Love & Discipline ~ 1 & 2 Timothy/Titus (Women Only) / Mon, 27.03.23 – 27.03.23
The Book of Isaiah (Women Only) / Mon, 27.03.23 – 27.03.23
The Book of Judges (Women Only) / Wed, 29.03.23 – 29.03.23

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Stay in touch with The Village through our Facebook page where we share devotions, events, opportunities to serve, and other exciting news.


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