Women's Ministry at Island ECC, The Village, envisions bringing all women at the church into the community we are building. We are here to gather, equip, and release this generation of women to live out their purpose.


We seek to “bring His kingdom” to every place He plants us: families, workplaces, apartment blocks, schools, towns, Hong Kong, and the world! What does that mean? It means we live like women who have come to know this mind-boggling treasure of being known and loved by the One who created all things! We walk as women whose lives are being changed daily by the power of the Holy Spirit. We are walking reminders to an oblivious world that there is more to life than what meets the eye as our lives point to Jesus: the beautiful One.

Weekly Gatherings

Every woman who steps through the threshold of Island ECC is welcome in The Village. Through this weekly gathering, we create a space where women can do life together and bring ourselves wholly into engagement with God and one another. It's a space where there is freedom and it is okay to not be okay.

We look to become a sisterhood that encourages each other to grow into full persons and especially into the Personhood of Jesus. If you are still exploring and figuring things out about life and spirituality, we also welcome you to explore with us. We hope you will find your place among us and look forward to journeying together with you.

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Growing with Other Women
Women's Bible Study

Learn the Bible and walk alongside other women who are devoted to His service by joining one of our Women's Bible Study groups held throughout the week at various locations. For more information, please email

Current and Upcoming Studies 

• The Power of a Praying Wife / Thu, 23.03.17 – 29.06.17
• Jesus: Understanding His Death and Resurrection / Fri, 24.03.17 – 07.04.17
• Romans: Precept Upon Precept Study / Sat, 25.03.17 – 22.07.17
• Experiencing the Power of Life-Changing Faith: Romans / Mon, 27.03.17 – 19.06.17

Mom's Group

Are you a mom who longs to pause for a moment, take a sip of coffee and hang out with fellow moms but mommy duty seems to make it impossible? Come to Mom’s group—a community where childcare is available during meeting times so you can be present to connect with fellow moms, learn about God, and share about life through bible studies on parenting, marriage and women’s spiritual growth. We invite you to join our growing community of Moms with children of ALL ages.

Thursdays 9.30am – 11.30am (starting Sept 8)
10/F Living Room, Island ECC

For more information, please email  

We aim to create a space where women can do life together and bring themselves wholly into engagement with God and one another.

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Stay in touch with The Village through our Facebook page where we share devotions, events, opportunities to serve, and other exciting news. Follow and like us or feel free to email us at with questions and comments!

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