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Past & Present

Posted by Eric Farmer on

Have you ever noticed how much past experiences can influence what you’re like in the present? Serious or quirky, things we are aware of or operate in the subconscious, past events can influence us for better or worse in the here and now. For instance: I like a certain banana flavoured...


Posted by Kevin Kusunoki on

“The church needs to pivot.”  Some form of that phrase has been said by influential church leaders all around the world. It makes sense, the church is facing the unprecedented task of ministering to congregations without meeting in person. So all over the world, churches are...

Smile, Jesus Loves You!

Posted by Tim LaTour on

When I was in high school, I developed a huge crush on a girl. When we met, we became fast friends and we talked all the time. On the phone. At school. At McDonald's (yes, it was a big hangout back in our home town). And when we couldn't talk, we would write letters to each other. I don't know...

I Love Movies

Posted by Rick Bates on

I love movies... especially those with good stories.  During COVID-19, I miss going into a dark theatre and being drawn into a story on the big screen through sight and sound. Stimulated by our church’s latest series, I decided to watch the movie, The Secret Life of Walter...

Lesson from Ps. John Sung Shang Chieh

Posted by Albert Ng on

While teaching a class on Philippians, we studied how Paul’s view of life has changed to such an extend that he said, “For to me to live is Christ and to die is gain.” Philippians 1:21 This reminds me of the Chinese evangelist Sung Shang Chieh (宋尙節), or...

Praying Like a Centurion

Posted by Sherman Chau on

What can a first-century Roman centurion teach us about adapting to life during the pandemic? Lots. Image by Ginosphotos via MegapixlAmong the many feelings and frustrations during the Coronavirus and the preventive measures is the feeling of being stuck and powerless, especially if we want...


Posted by Daniel Tse on

When was the last time you awakened early in the morning with fresh eyes and a beaming smile, ready for the day with a full and expectant heart? “I would love to have that feeling…”, you perhaps think to yourself, “…maybe when I was eight years...

Scream Inside Your Heart

Posted by Eric Farmer on

As amusement parks began opening again in Japan the last couple of weeks, there was one video and headline that stole the show. The Fuji-Q Highland amusement park posted a video of two executives riding the death-defying Fujiyama roller coaster. Following the new safety protocol of no screaming...


Posted by Tim LaTour on

The word “cancel” has taken on a whole new meaning in the last few years. It seems that with our social media presence and the fact that tweets, status updates, and messages don’t get deleted, people can “go back in time” and find something that someone has said and...


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