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Share Your Story: Connor Tsang and Nathan Chen

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Connor and Nathan met attending Island ECC’s Kids Club and became quick friends. Through this friendship, Nathan grew out of his quiet shell and began taking part in the classroom. A teacher at Kids Club introduced the two families and the relationship continued to grow as children and...

Share Your Story: Reinhard Manuel

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Reinhard came from Indonesia with his father, who served at a church for 6 years. One day, the church informed his father that they will discontinue the working relationship, which shocked the family and caused Reinhard great anxiety as it could mean having to leave Hong Kong. Reinhard...

Share Your Story: Seek First

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Outreach and the desire to reach lost populations in all corners of every nation is the heart of our church. Here at Island ECC, we have creative staff and volunteer teams who are constantly thinking of interesting ways to engage people with God's word and light. God honoured this...


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