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Keep Me In the Loop

Posted by Tim LaTour on

Groundhog Day just passed on February 2nd. Did you celebrate it? Probably not. It’s a holiday recognised in North America and it is based on the silly superstition that, if a groundhog emerges from its burrow and sees its shadow, winter will last for six more weeks. But if it does not...

Gives Me Pause

Posted by Rick Bates on

The phrase “gives me pause” is a common English idiom people say when something causes them to need a moment to stop and consider something carefully. If you “give pause” you might either be hesitating and even reflecting about something important. For example...

How We Reject Those We Love

Posted by Albert Ng on

Love must be sincere. Romans 12:9 We have all experienced rejection and those experiences could have left us deeply wounded, even years after the experience. According the US Surgeon General’s 2001 report, it has been shown “Rejection is a greater risk for adolescent violence than...

Crowning The New Year

Posted by Sherman Chau on

“You crown the year with your bounty” - Psalm 65:11   This is a great verse to begin a new year with, especially for a year following 2020. Psalm 65 is filled with God’s goodness, abundance and blessing - it’s a great one to hold on to for this...

When the Rubber meets the Road

Posted by Daniel Tse on

What a year it has been! During these last days of the year 2020, if I were to ask you “Where are you in your joy index?” What would you say? And… what is "joy" to you? As Christians we can enjoy the absence of fear and doubt — a joy that is always available because we...

A Patient Reminder

Posted by Eric Farmer on

It matters. It all matters. You matter. To Him. In these past seasons of disarray in Hong Kong, we’ve needed the reminder that we matter to God. And not just the big stuff, although that’s important. God not only cares infinitely about our salvation but also about all the parts of...

Staying Steady Through Tough Times

Posted by Tim LaTour on

In chapter 12 of Apostle Paul’s letter to the Romans, he outlines how the Christian life should be lived. Filled with great wisdom and practical guidelines, this chapter is the go-to for believers on how to live out our faith. Mixed in with this chapter is one simple sentence that gives...

A Simple Thank You

Posted by Rick Bates on

December is upon us with the memory of November fading. For me, November, impacted by Covid-19, passed too quickly. For many around the world November, or earlier in the Fall, is a time for a holiday often called Thanksgiving, when families gather together for a celebration around a plentiful...

Look Upward and Outward

Posted by Albert Ng on

It is uncomfortable getting stuck "in-between normals." The inability to see the future feels like a lingering low-grade fever that never goes away, reminding us of our predicament and needs. This often drives us to look inward. The only thing we can think of is "me." But it doesn't need to be...


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