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Share Your Story: Ben Pau and Jamie Yick

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Ben and Jamie were a couple that once had different views on God and faith. Jamie had been praying for Ben to return to God again for a long time. One day, Jamie gathered her courage to ask Ben to go with her on a mission trip and take their daughter, Nicole, with them. Ben, to his own...

Share Your Story: Kevin and Christine Lau

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Christine and Kevin’s marriage began in a surprise proposal prayer that set the tone of their relationship and who they were as individuals. Kevin and Christine understood that marriage was not as much about compatibility as it was about submission to God. Because their marriage happened...

Share Your Story: Olivia Lau

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Olivia was born into a Christian family and had what she believed was a rock solid faith; however, as she went through university she began to doubt many aspects of her faith. Eventually, she came to see faith more as a crutch she didn’t need and set off towards living her life as an...

Share Your Story: Tommy Ng and Christina Matson

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Tommy and Christina had recently moved to Hong Kong and did not find a community of believers until they got connected at Island ECC. Through the community, they were able to be challenged and encouraged in their walk with God. This experience strengthened their faith and commitment to serve...

Share Your Story: Shinn Kawasaki

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Shinn was born to a secular Japanese–Korean family. His mother sent him to a Korean church so he could learn Korean and he would dread Sundays because he was bullied, which put him off Christianity. However, his family also had a helper who was faithful to Christ and through her, Shinn...

Share Your Story: Aaron and Tabitha Lee

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Tabitha and Aaron grew up in different parts of the world but were called as a couple to reach populations in China that fewer mission organisations focus on. They used their gifts as educators to help the children and teenagers in the area while sharing the heart of the gospel. Aaron joins in...

Share Your Story: Alex Siu

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Alex first got involved with Hope of the City through a care group and he has been working with the elderly in Shek Kip Mei since. In serving, he has encountered many moments that have touched his heart, especially where Alex and his fellow volunteers are able to make a difference in someone...


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