When the Rubber meets the Road

Posted by Daniel Tse on

What a year it has been! During these last days of the year 2020, if I were to ask you “Where are you in your joy index?” What would you say? And… what is "joy" to you?

As Christians we can enjoy the absence of fear and doubt — a joy that is always available because we trust in God’s love and faithfulness and the joyfulness being our natural state when we are relating well with our Maker!

John 10:10 says the enemy comes only to “kill”, “steal” and “destroy”, he is here to kill-joy, steal-joy and destroy-joy!

The enemy is here to cause doubt and fear, distance and disconnection so that he can rob us of the joy that is already given to us as God’s children.

It is helpful for me to remember that this God-given gift of “joy” already resides within me! I can access this joyful state of being when I intentionally choose to abide in The Lord.

Jesus says in John 16,

“In this world you will have trouble”. But you can take heart. You can still receive joy. You are not dependent on anyone or anything other than God and yourself to know, live in and live out joy.

The choices we make in life... The thoughts we choose to dwell on or cast away in the name of Jesus contribute to the joy we will experience in life.

As I reflect on most of the bible stories, almost all the men and women of God were in tricky, sticky, messy, troublesome situations (Abraham, Joseph, David, Esther, Hannah just to name a few), they chose God and encountered deep joy despite their situations!

We too can develop that inner joy; by nourishing our relationship with Christ, daily.

We celebrated Christmas just a few days ago! Jesus is “a joy to the world” that’s what He is famous for! Bringing true joy to us as He lives deep within us.

As 2020 comes to a close, let us continue to remind each other that true joy comes from knowing Jesus as our Saviour and ultimate leader. When the rubber meets the road, choose God; He always comes through, in His perfect timing. Amen.


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