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Gives Me Pause

Posted by Rick Bates on

The phrase “gives me pause” is a common English idiom people say when something causes them to need a moment to stop and consider something carefully. If you “give pause” you might either be hesitating and even reflecting about something important. For example...

A Simple Thank You

Posted by Rick Bates on

December is upon us with the memory of November fading. For me, November, impacted by Covid-19, passed too quickly. For many around the world November, or earlier in the Fall, is a time for a holiday often called Thanksgiving, when families gather together for a celebration around a plentiful...

The Lift – A Parable

Posted by Rick Bates on

Recently, my wife, daughter, and I boarded the lift at our flat to go about our day when it suddenly stopped with a jolt. We pushed the ground floor button, but the lift didn’t budge. Pressing the alarm button did nothing either, so we frantically hit the door and shouted for help, but...

I Love Movies

Posted by Rick Bates on

I love movies... especially those with good stories.  During COVID-19, I miss going into a dark theatre and being drawn into a story on the big screen through sight and sound. Stimulated by our church’s latest series, I decided to watch the movie, The Secret Life of Walter...

Day By Day

Posted by Rick Bates on

If you were asked what is most important to you, to do day by day, what would come to mind?  Certainly in the midst of COVID-19, staying personally healthy would be on the list, as well as things like keeping financial viability, connecting with family, having job security.  If asked...

Turn Off, Tune In

Posted by Rick Bates on

In the new decade ahead of us, we will no doubt continue to see amazing advances in technology. Online news, blog posts, Facebook updates, and tweets will most certainly expand their influence. The ability to pay digitally by simply swiping a cell phone will increase, leading to changing...

Valentine’s Day – Past and Present

Posted by Rick Bates on

Decades ago when I was in grade school, all the children would gave a simple valentine card to each boy and girl in the class.  I remember feeling stupid giving them to other boys and scared giving them to girls! They all had cute little sayings: In today’s world as an adult, I only...

Christmas Gifts

Posted by Rick Bates on

“I have always thought of Christmas as a good time: a kind, forgiving, generous, pleasant time; a time when men and women seem to open their hearts freely, and so I say, God bless Christmas.”  Charles Dickens Can you believe Christmas is here? If your home is anything like...

Where 2 or 3 Are Gathered

Posted by Rick Bates on

I recently discovered a truth that I have overlooked in all my years as a Christ-follower. I have heard others, and I myself have used the following scripture many times over the years:  I say to you, if two of you agree on earth concerning anything they ask, it will be done for them by My...


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