The Lift – A Parable

Posted by Rick Bates on

Recently, my wife, daughter, and I boarded the lift at our flat to go about our day when it suddenly stopped with a jolt. We pushed the ground floor button, but the lift didn’t budge. Pressing the alarm button did nothing either, so we frantically hit the door and shouted for help, but there was no response. As our anxiety heightened and some panic set in, we pounded even louder. Finally, we called the police to tell them we were trapped in the lift and they took our information. We waited (what seemed to be hours but was only minutes) and eventually we heard the sounds of moving metal and voices outside the closed doors. When the doors slowly scraped open, we saw that the lift was stuck between floors. We watched men’s boots shuffling around and then saw a man face bent over saying: “We’ve got this under control.”

Jesus was a master of telling parables in order to share spiritual realities, but let me journey into His area of expertise to use this experience as a parable.

Once we open our lives to Christ, we experience a new spiritual birth and our earthly existence is fully connected to our eventual spiritual home in heaven. In a sense, we’re always traveling between the various activities of our lives and our ultimate dwelling place in heaven, an eternal home of security and peace.

In the same way that we don’t often consider the value of the lifts that we use constantly, we don’t often pause and consider the important connection between our heavenly home and our earthly existence.

When the connection between our earthly lives and our heavenly home is disturbed, we can feel all kinds of emotions, from anxiety to panic to anger, and seek out any avenue we can to get help. Sometimes, when we encounter difficulties, it seems like it takes forever for any help to come. And when it does, we greet it with immense relief and joy.

For those who know and follow Christ, we live with this constant movement between our earthly reality that is full of activities and change and our eternal home that provides stability and comfort. All of us experience times when that connection is affected by brokenness and difficult circumstances. When this happens…

Please know that God’s help is on the way. You are safe. He’s got the problem under control.


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