Share Your Story: Brian Yau

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Brian grew up feeling insufficient and always longed for approval from others. He was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder in his mid-twenties, which caused him to doubt God's love for him. An encounter with the Holy Spirit led Brian to seek professional help from a Christian counsellor. He...

Share Your Story: Wenjin Wang

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Wenjin (Jean) Wang is an artist who came to Hong Kong from Beijing to pursue her Masters and during that time, she got connected with Island ECC. She started serving and went to Yunnan on a mission trip where she heard God calling her into missions. In her journey of service, and grappling...

Share Your Story: Wing Tang

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  Wing Tang was born in a non-Christian family but she encountered Christ when she was in her school’s student fellowship. In the past, she relied on her wisdom for academics and work, and her life was rather smooth. That was until two years ago when she experienced struggles with...

Share Your Story: Amos Law

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  Amos was raised in a Christian family. When he was 7, he felt the peace of God through when suffering a severe eye injury. After that God was good to him, giving him many chances to learn about Him, experience Him and to grow in his relationship with God. When Amos was older, he...

Share Your Story: Jason Li

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Jason was born and raised in Hong Kong, and has been going to a Christian school since he was young. He knew the stories about Jesus but as he went to university, he grew even more distant from the faith. He eventually returned to Hong Kong as an investment banker and while things were going...


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