Share Your Story: Amos Law

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Amos was raised in a Christian family. When he was 7, he felt the peace of God through when suffering a severe eye injury. After that God was good to him, giving him many chances to learn about Him, experience Him and to grow in his relationship with God. When Amos was older, he believed that he was good enough and no longer needed to have a relationship with God. His motives for his good deeds were all about himself and he always viewed himself as a better person than his classmates and friends. At that time, he put his identity in soccer. And when he suffered an injury to his knee, he felt that there was nothing left to hold onto, and he lost his purpose of living—until he remembered who was with him when he got injured all those years ago.  , he decided to pray and the peace that he received felt exactly like the peace he had when he was in the surgery room all those years ago. Maturing in his faith, he gradually learned what it means to be the light and salt of the world and how to live for God, even in playing soccer and studies!


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