Share Your Story: Natalie Chau

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Natalie grew up in a Christian family and one of the formative experiences in her life was when her father sat her down at aged 4 to explain to her how different her life could have been if she were born into an impoverished family. Though young, she felt powerful emotions and had a vision to reach out to those who have been forgotten. As she grew up, Natalie began to believe that a successful life was defined by her outward achievements and sought to be on top of everything she put herself into; however, as she continued down that path she began feel a distinct lack of God’s presence—one that left her feeling abandoned and eventually made her extremely angry at God. Despite that, she heard the call to go to Tanzania, and while laying on the ground staring at the night sky she heard God speak His love for her. Today, that vision she had when she was 4 is realised and Natalie sees how God’s plan for her life is so much bigger than her own plans.



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