Bold Faith Newsletter #8 - Redevelopment Project

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BOLD Development
Some may think that being bold as believers is all about giant leaps of faith, and maybe that's the way it appears in the rear-view mirror of history. But what you'll find if you look close enough, is that the leaps of faith are always preceded by steps of faith. And that's where our focus as the Building Project Team has been over the past four years as we've searched for permanent premises, to continue taking the next faithful step. In doing so, we believe God has led us to this point where we have a promising update about the future of Island ECC.

You may recall, that last July in our Bold Faith newsletter, we invited you to start praying about a redevelopment opportunity in North Point. Thanks to your prayers, we feel we have had God's favour along the way, and are now excited to let you know that we are reviewing a GIC (Government, Institution or Community) site with other parties for a redevelopment project in the neighbourhood. We sincerely ask for your continued prayers for God's wisdom to the church leadership for this project, specifically in terms of finalizing the agreement for the GIC opportunity. At the same time, we recognize the declining prices in the property market, and will continue to review other building opportunities should it be proven to be a better option. Our calling is to simply be faithful, and we are dedicated to following the path that God is leading our church!

One additional update for you is that the Art Appreciation Night, mentioned in the last newsletter, will be rescheduled to the Fall of this year.


Bold Ministry
These past few months with the outbreak have taken a toll on our city, our church, our families and our hearts. Everyone's lives have been affected in some way personally or professionally, some outwardly evident, and others through subtle, inward stress. However, it's important to remember that darker seasons also have a way of better illuminating God's blessings and our need for Him. Our church hopes to be the light in helping and serving the community.

Hope of the City has arranged for volunteers, including many of you, to give over 100,000 face masks to the street cleaners and elderly in Wan Chai, Central, Shum Shui Po and other locations throughout Hong Kong. Many other ministry opportunities have been birthed through this crisis as well, blessing low-income families in Sham Shui Po by meeting the practical needs of students, mothers and those affected by the loss of income. In addition, we are so thankful for what Island ECC has continued to do through all of the church ministries, including Hope of the City, Children and Youth, Men and Women, Equipping and Care Group. We are excited about all the opportunities God has given us and are excited by the growth of God's Kingdom.

What we're experiencing now is simply the next chapter of the story God is writing through Island ECC. Take a look at this video in which Pastor Brett Hilliard shares some of our history and the ways God has used Island ECC to impact our city so far.


Bold Thanks
Each of you has contributed to the church through your generosity, service, talents and community. Without your faithfulness, we wouldn't be in the place we are today, and your continued partnership with us in Bold Faith is genuinely appreciated!

The challenges ahead are opportunities for the glory of God to be revealed in exceptional ways. This is the right time for Hong Kong to be engaged in a historic endeavour.

Phillip Chin
Bold Faith Chairman


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