Feb 21, 2010 | Brett Hilliard

Where's God?

Habakkuk 1:1-11
Habakkuk. It's a small book in the midst of a collection of 12 minor prophets. And it's distinctive because Habakkuk is the only one of the 12 who speaks on behalf of the people to God, instead of speaking for God to the people. Through his honest questions and his wrestling with God, he comes through his doubts a stronger believer with a deeper faith. My guess is that you have had doubts in your faith. You have likely wondered "Why?" many times, as you see the world around you and the seemingly endless pain and heartache. Whether it's catastrophic natural disasters like tsunamis and earthquakes, political corruption and greed, or personal pain as you deal with broken relationships, we all see the world through a lens that makes us wonder, "Why?" Why does a good and powerful God let bad things happen?

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