Oct 17, 2010 | Brett Hilliard


Romans 12:1
Tucked away in Genesis 22 is a disturbing story of Abraham and Isaac. This story bothered me for years, as I couldn't seem to understand how a loving God could "trick" his servant. Why would God ask Abraham to kill his own son? And I must admit, years on in the faith, I still don't fully comprehend why God chose to reveal himself in this way. But the beauty of the story is equally amazing. When we ponder the truths of God that we learn in this passage, we can't help but be more grateful to God. I have found, personally, that instead of increasing my skepticism about God, this story does just the opposite. It increases my faith.

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We're looking at Romans 12 for a series of 6 weeks, andwill use this as a grid to understand more fully how our faith can deepen and become moreconsistent. Most Christians report that they are not satisfied with the health of their walk with God.This chapter, perhaps better than any other single chapter in scripture, explains in practical terms howwe are to relate well to God, to ourselves, our Christian friends and our unbelieving friends. I reallybelieve you will be blessed by this series.

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