Nov 14, 2010 | Rick Bates

Overcoming Evil With Good

Romans 12
With this sermon we draw to a close our r12 series, during which we have explored foundational truths found in Romans12 by seeing how these were portrayed in the Old Testament through people like Abraham, Daniel and David. Today we will be taking a look at the story of Joseph. We won’t have time for the whole story and it is a good one. I would encourage you to plan to take some time later this week to read the whole story. It is found in Genesis 37-50. Even in this great international city, we live with much wrongdoing and hurt all around us. My hope is that as we worship together and explore the life of Joseph and the truths of Romans, we will each be equipped to respond in better ways to those who hurt and harm us personally.

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We're looking at Romans 12 for a series of 6 weeks, andwill use this as a grid to understand more fully how our faith can deepen and become moreconsistent. Most Christians report that they are not satisfied with the health of their walk with God.This chapter, perhaps better than any other single chapter in scripture, explains in practical terms howwe are to relate well to God, to ourselves, our Christian friends and our unbelieving friends. I reallybelieve you will be blessed by this series.

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