Nov 07, 2010 | Albert Ng

Authentic Community

Romans 2:10
In this sermon we will study the story of David and Jonathan to see how they developed such a deep friendship – how they developed an authentic community. Some people have a misunderstanding that being a Christian is a private matter. “It is only between me and God,” they say. Nothing is farther from the truth than this. Jesus said that we demonstrate to the world that we are His followers by loving one another (John 13:35).

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We're looking at Romans 12 for a series of 6 weeks, andwill use this as a grid to understand more fully how our faith can deepen and become moreconsistent. Most Christians report that they are not satisfied with the health of their walk with God.This chapter, perhaps better than any other single chapter in scripture, explains in practical terms howwe are to relate well to God, to ourselves, our Christian friends and our unbelieving friends. I reallybelieve you will be blessed by this series.

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