Love Offering 2020

Where Did Your Giving Go Last Year

Through your generosity, a total of $3.2M was raised for the 2020-2021 Love Offering. We would love to share with you how your gift has built up the Kingdom of God and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ in word and in action. Last year’s theme was Healing and Hope, and we celebrate how God is redeeming broken families, bringing the Gospel of peace to conflict regions, and healing fractures in society.

Please find a summary of the projects that you supported below:

Theme Focus: Bringing Healing

To the vulnerable and voiceless; to overlooked children who are without hope.

  • India: Caring for marginalized families, mostly single mothers, widows and elderly with food and care packages to last through the Covid lockdown.
  • Philippines: Building up the local church to care for the ultra-poor families through health, value, livelihood and education training in Tacloban and Bacolod.
  • Yemen: Supporting vulnerable and hard to access households in the midst of a war through the provision of practical food aid.
  • China: Caring for orphan children with disabilities by offering special education programs to achieve their potential.
  • Central Asia: Strategically reaching Muslim believers through provision of financial scholarships.
  • Hong Kong: Bringing hope to people in need on the streets in Chai Wan by distributing facemasks, bread, water bottles and warm meals. 
  • Hong Kong: Providing lifelong Christian care to children and adults with special needs, ranging from mild to severe mental and physical disabilities.

Core Focus: Building up the Church

Doing what only the church can do in building up the global Church.

  • Asia: Providing financial relief for missionaries and workers who have been living in isolation due to travel restrictions. 
  • East Asia: Pioneering and translating the gospel of Matthew, Mark and John into a local language for an unreached people group. 
  • Hong Kong: Supporting a couple from Island ECC to pursue their calling in global mission mobilization. 

Core Focus: Remembering the Poor

The poor is at the forefront of God’s concerns, and it remains our core focus as well.

  • Hope of the City, Hong Kong: Transforming the lives of the underprivileged in Hong Kong through essential community-based projects



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