Ukraine Support

30/04/2022 12:00 am - 31/05/2022 11:59 pm

The invasion of Ukraine has caused death and destruction on a scale not seen since the Second World War, and sadly there appears to be no end in sight. With Ukrainians escaping to neighbouring countries, 2.9 million have fled to Poland, more than all other European countries combined. In the midst of this humanitarian crisis, Island ECC has connected with Bethel Baptist Church in Krakow, Poland. Their pastor tells us: 

"Our church people have been busy with coordinating relief efforts for Ukrainian refugees. They have been great at providing housing for now, but soon there will be no more homes available.  So once that happens, we will need to find other types of accommodations for these families— such as hotel rooms, apartments or hostels. The biggest need at this point is finding and providing accommodations for a large number of refugees."

Our goal is to provide Ukrainian refugee families in Krakow with transitional housing. $1.5 million will help the equivalent of 40 families with 30 days of accommodation with food, clothing, hygiene supplies and education. As this primary need is met, we are also considering other Christian organizations and ministries that are giving relief, support and love in the name of Christ.

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Donations to Ukraine Support will be received during the month of May. 
To donate by cheque, write "Ukraine Support" on the back of the cheque (include your Donor I.D. if you wish). Drop it in the offering box on each floor or deliver it to the church office, 8F, 633 King's Rd, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong.

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