The Book of Hebrews (Women Only)

7/02/2022 10:15 am - 6/06/2022 12:45 pm

Cost: $90.00

Attendance Limit: 15

Date: Mondays, February 7 - June 13, 2022
Time: 10:15am - 12:45pm

Amanda Cheung 

Who's it for: 
This 13-week study is designed for women who would like to spend time in the study of God's Word and to grow in their walk and relationship with God. No prior knowledge is required. Students will learn how to study the Bible for themselves.

Registrants are required to attend the study regularly, No walk-ins.  A book will be given there upon registration, reading assignment will be given there upon registration, accept registration even after the start of the study

Description of the study:
Where do you put your trust? What holds you firm in the storms of life as all around you blows away? Does your confidence rest in a mystical experience or a person you respect and admire, or do you chase after the latest fad or teaching? What hope do you have for the future?
Mankind has asked questions like these for thousands of years. And from Abraham through today, the answers have come through faith. But in what or whom should you place your faith and trust? Not in a man, like Moses. Not in an angel. Not in man-made institutions of religion. The book of Hebrews has the answer. God has given us the one sure foundation, the key to living by faith - Jesus.
This workbook is from Precept Ministries' New Inductive Study Series which was created to help you discover truth for yourself and go deeper into God's precepts, promises, and purposes. With this inductive process, you'll find the wisdom you need to to address the issues of life and be transformed into a woman of God

Details of study:
"The Key to Living By Faith" - a workbook on the book of Hebrews (Precept Ministries)

Medium of discussion:

Study Schedule:
Week 1 God Has Spoken to Us in Jesus
Week 2 Better than the Angels
Week 3 The House of God
Week 4 Enter My Rest
Week 5 A Great High Priest
Week 6 Better Hope
Week 7 Who is Melchizedek?
Week 8 A New Covenant
Week 9 The Tabernacle
Week 10 The Blood of the Covenant
Week 11 The Hall of Faith
Week 12 Run the Race with Endurance
Week 13 Jesus Christ is the Same Yesterday and Today and Forever

Q&A, Discussion 

HK$90 for the workbook 

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