Pray for Missions

3/04/2024 12:00 am - 6/04/2024 11:59 pm

Prayer is an essential part of missions. Check out both the Thailand & Nepal team's prayer calendars or sign up to regularly pray for our supported partners.

Partner with us in prayer!

Follow the prayer calendars for the Nepal and Thailand Misisn Trips or sign up to regularly pray for our Supported Mission Partners.

Island Youth Mission Trip: Thailand April 1-6

Monday, April 1

  • We would arrive safely in Chiang Mai
  • We would have positive attitudes as we travel together
  • Open and thoughtful group time together as we worship, pray and prepare for the upcoming ministry days

Tuesday, April 2

  • God would bring the right youth to the camp
  • We would be a blessing to the Mountain Church
  • That language differences wouldn’t be a hindrance to understand God’s love

Wednesday, April 3

  • Energy as we run the camp
  • To not be self-conscious but to give it our all
  • Great time of worship that would open the hearts of those who do not yet know God
  • For us to be others focused instead of self-focused

Thursday, April 4

  • Opportunity to connect better with the village youth
  • Our hearts would be open to see how God is working in the people here and our own lives
  • That people would come to a knowledge of salvation

Friday, April 5

  • A spirit of joy and celebration
  • Growth in our personal walks with God
  • God would protect and encourage those who are baptized today

Saturday, April 6

  • We would have fun with each other as we bond
  • Permanent change as we take what we have learned and try to be more like Christ
  • Safe travels back to Hong Kong

Nepal Mission Trip: April 4-9

Thursday, April 4

  • Safe arrival for the team and a smooth onsite visa process
  • An open and flexible spirit for each team member

Friday, April 5

  • Good fellowship between the Hong Kong team and the youth living in the House of Hope
  • A fun and lively atmosphere in the House

Saturday, April 6

  • Opportunity for encouragement during communal worship time
  • Sense of unity between the Hong Kong team and Nepali church members

Sunday, April 7

  • Bonding between team members
  • Leading by the Holy Spirit in ministry activities

Monday, April 8

  • Understanding of Nepali culture and appreciation for God’s work in this country
  • For us to be open to the local partner’s plans

Tuesday, April 9

  • For each team member to continue processing what God has revealed to them on the trip
  • Safe travels back to Hong Kong

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Island ECC Supported Partners are long-term partnerships that exist to bring the Gospel to the nations. We partner with those who serve in places we cannot reach, doing things we couldn’t do. We also partner with individuals and family units from our home Island ECC congregation, that were called to serve cross-culturally as full-time missionaries. 12% of Island ECC’s general offering goes to supporting these partners around the world. Sign up to receive a quarterly prayer bulletin that introduces our partners and their prayer needs to you.


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