God, Are You There? (Women Only)

22/04/2024 10:15 am - 22/04/2024 12:30 pm

Location: 11/F Island ECC, 633 King's Road, Quarry Bay HK

Cost: $110.00

Attendance Limit: 15

Date: Mondays, 15 April - 29 July, 2024 (Except June 10 and July 1 is the public holiday)
10:15 am - 12:30 pm
Instructor: Amanda Cheung and Maria Tolentino

Island ECC, 11/F Classroom  

Who's it for:
This is a 13 week study is designed for women who would like to invest their Monday mornings to know God and His ways by studying His Word. No prior knowledge is required.
Description of the study:
* What if God could give purpose and meaning to your life- even if you or someone else has really messed it up?
* What if He could show you how to live today - no matter what kind of situation you're in?
* What if He promised to always accept you and stand by you?

If God could do all these things, you'd want to get to know Him better, wouldn't you?

God, Are You There? challenges you to take God at His Word and see for yourself if you can rely on Him. This life changing journey through the Gospel of John is an easy to use "quick-start" if you're new to God's truth in the Bible.
Study schedule:
Week 1: The Revealing "5W's and an H" of Bible Study
Observation: "To observe something is to look at it very closely to see everything there is to see."

Week 2: Discovering What's Happening - Putting Truth in Context
"Context tells where something fits in relationship to other things. (Geographical, Historical, Chronological, Cultural)"

Week 3: Understanding Characters and Relationships
Marking Key words - characters, places, repeated words

Week 4: Eat My Flesh, Drink My Blood - Is It Figurative or Literal?

Week 5: Contrasts and Comparisons - Did You Get the Point?
Contrast and comparison help us see in a deeper, vivid or more picturesque way

Week 6: What's the Occasion? What's the Lesson?
Finding out what caused or prompted the teaching
Using cross reference - book, chapter or verse

Week 7: Getting a Fuller Picture - Comparing Scripture with Scripture

Week 8: The Importance of Timing - The Sequence of Events and What It Leads To *Chronological and Geographical context

Week 9: Metaphors, Similes, Allegories, and Parables - So You Get The Picture!
Jesus' teachings to His disciple about this life. - what to expect, how to live it and who will help them

Week 10: Topical Studies - Getting the Whole Counsel of God on a Subject

Week 11: Set Apart by Truth, Kept by Prayer

Week 12 : Life? The Word? It's All About Jesus

Week 13 Wrapping It Up - Putting On the Belt of Truth

Details of study materials:
God, Are You There by Kay Arthur https://shop.precept.org/products/god-are-you-there-do-you-care

Lecture, Q&A, Discussion

Book fee is $110

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