Kings & Prophets Part 7 (Women Only)

28/02/2024 10:00 am - 28/02/2024 1:00 pm

Attendance Limit: 15

Date: Wednesdays, February 28 - March 20, 2024
10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Ng Ai Ju, Karen Yong
11/F Classroom

Who's it for:
Continuation of existing study -“Revival or Captivity?” From 2Kings 15-20 and 2Chronicles 26-32.
Registrants are required to attend the study regularly.  Accept registration even after the start of the study.  Space is limited to ensure a good learning environment.  A book will be given there upon new registration because this is a continuation of bible study. 

Details of study:
Kings & Prophets Part 7 

Study Schedule:
This study is Part 7 of a 10-part series on the study of Kings & Prophets.
Part 7 is a dynamic course which will have an impact on your walk with the Lord.
We will watch God raise up a Gentile threat (kingdom of Assyria) to Israel as her kings continue the spiritual descent begun by King Jeroboam - compromising with idolatry and refusing to REPENT despite repeated warnings of God’s prophets Elijah and Elisha.

Lesson 1 - The Anarchy of Pride.
Lesson 2- Four Questions to ask in Difficult Times.
Lesson 3- What brings Revival?
Lesson 4- The Path of Pride that Leads to Captivity.
Discussion, Lecture, Prayer, Q&A, Fellowship, Other_ Video

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