Pure Desire Groups

26/11/2023 1:30 pm - 26/11/2023 3:00 pm

Introducing Pure Desire Groups: Your Path to Healing and Transformation!

Are you facing the devastating effects of unwanted sexual behavior, watching your life and relationships crumble?

Do you feel trapped, silenced by shame, and overwhelmed by a sense of powerlessness and hopelessness?

You're not alone. At Pure Desire, we believe in the power of transformation, in taking control of your story, and reclaiming your life.

Our Mission: Supporting Men and Women of All Ages on Their Transformation Journey 

Join Pure Desire Groups, where we provide a confidential haven for individuals like you to process your experiences. Here, you'll find the tools, support, and camaraderie you need to overcome obstacles, celebrate victories, and build resilient communities.

Break Free from the Chains of Addiction and Stuck Behavior 

Discover the courage to confront denial and face your truth before God and others. Uncover the patterns of relapse and forge a powerful plan to steer clear of it. Our transformative sessions will equip you with the understanding of how past pain and trauma continue to influence your present actions.

Expert Guidance from Volunteer Facilitators 

Pure Desire Groups within our church are expertly led by compassionate volunteer facilitators. They will lead you through weekly workbook materials, fostering insightful discussions among members.

Embark on your journey to healing, growth, and community with Pure Desire Groups for 8 weeks. Together, we'll empower you to own your story, find the strength to change, and reclaim your life. Don't wait; your transformation begins here!

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