Online Class - The Story of Jesus in Luke

24/02/2021 7:30 pm - 24/03/2021 9:00 pm

Date: Wednesdays, January 20 - March 24, 2021
Time:  7:30pm - 9:00pm
Teacher: Martin Radford

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Who it's for:
This course is especially appropriate for care group leaders but also a great study for anyone who would like to see familiar Gospel narratives in a new and challenging light.

Many of us can be so used to hearing stories about Jesus that we miss the sheer power of Jesus’ teaching and mission. Jesus lived in the diverse, divided, and volatile world of first century Palestine where His teaching and actions appealed to a few, were often misunderstood by some, and were seriously offensive to others.  There was nothing “mild” about Jesus: he was quite content to challenge vigorously the religious views of his contemporaries whilst offering redemption and hope to those who least expected it. His teaching and actions presented a renewed call to “all nations” to become the people of God – a contentious challenge in itself. To his followers Jesus appeared to be Messianic; to the crowd Jesus would have appeared as a powerful prophet; to his opponents, a false and dangerous prophet. The deep question to us is, how would we have reacted to this 30-year old one-time-builder-turned-itinerant-preacher from Nazareth?

This course involves a deep-dive into Luke’s Gospel to experience the ministry of Jesus as it may have been to his contemporaries by using an increasingly detailed knowledge of first century Palestine to help highlight Luke’s amazing account.

Join Martin Radford for this ten-week course for a much-needed insight into the life of our Messiah Jesus within the context of first century Palestine.

  1. A Deeply Divided World
  2. A Scandal
  3. The Kingdom of God is at Hand
  4. A New Authority
  5. Parables Spoken and Acted
  6. Setting Course for Jerusalem
  7. The Challenge to Cherished Symbols
  8. “Not one stone will remain”
  9. The Crucified Messiah
  10. Resurrection

Online lecture and Q&A with reading materials

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