Men’s Fraternity - Spring 2020

Every Tuesday, from 02/11/2020 to 05/26/2020, 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Location: 10/F Island ECC, 633 King's Road, Quarry Bay HK

Come check out Men’s Fraternity on Tuesday nights! Together, we fight through life’s toughest issues and celebrate God’s goodness in our lives.

We are currently offering nine discussion tracks, based on materials tailored to common challenges that men face. You can choose from topics such as manhood work, marriage, fatherhood, legacy, mentoring, prayer, servant leadership, and sexual purity.

Please sign up for one of the 9 tracks below, and we'll email you with more information; or, just come on a Tuesday night and we'll help you find a group that's suitable for you. There are some groups that indicate availability base on pre-requisite. Also, some groups might be close after a period of time to honour group dynamics.

We look forward to meeting with you and plugging you into the right group for you this season to journey and fight together in our faith!

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Round I

33 Series

33 Series uses a model of Jesus’ ministry while He was on earth as a means of discipling men for the Christian life. We will be studying four volumes through Fall & Spring by combining two volumes per season:

A Man and His Design & A Man and His Story

A Man and His Design & A Man and His story helps men learn the four "faces" of manhood and how to anticipate and transition through specific seasons of life. It also helps men to come to grips with defining moments and key relationship that shared their unique personal "story".

**Will be offered in Fall 2020

A Man and His Traps & A Man and His Work 

A Man and His Traps identifies the deep idols of your heart and develop a “Battleplan” built on God’s grace. And A Man and His Work talks about the inspiring vision of work from God’s bigger perspective."


Conquer Series 

The Battle Plan for Purity is a cinematic teaching series about the lure of pornography. Through intriguing scientific findings and biblical wisdom, we'll understand more about this epidemic and how we can find freedom from sexual bondage.

Round II

Pure Desire

Seven Pillars of Freedom a commitment to 35 weeks with other men as it raises awareness of the self-delusion and denial found among many men who struggle with sex and pornography addiction. Gaining a greater understanding of the addiction process and sexually compulsive patterns, this group experience will provide the safety, support, and tools needed to establish lifelong healing.

Every Man A Warrior

Men Discipleship is a 1-year commitment with an opportunity for men who had already gone through other foundational men's track in 33 series and Conquer Series and is seeking for further equipping in men's discipleship. The 3 book series will cover the major areas from: walking with God, marriage, raising children, money, sex, work, hard times and making your life count.

Round III

Mentor / Leadership
(Pre-requisite - Finished 33 Series 1-4 & Conquer Series)

This group is especially for those men who had committed to MF for a period of time and would like to be mentor by mature Christians. Learn what it means to go deeper in your faith and how to have accountability with others?

Seasonal Tracks
Growth Track

Join this group of mature Christians as they embark on another season together to go further in their relationship with God and one another.

Legacy Men

Jesus said he came not to be served but to serve (Matthew 20:28). In this series lead by various servant leaders of MF, we’ll explore what it means to be a true servant leader for God’s greater purpose and glory in our lives. Get ready to get practical, as we learn best practices through videos and personal testimonies.


Prayer Warrior

Join this group as you are called to equipped in prayer with fellow brothers in Christ and pray for the city, church and ministry. This space is also for those who want to receive prayer on a Tuesday night at MF.

Revolving Track

If you’re new to MF or are a frequent traveller, this track provides you with an opportunity to attend a group where the discussions are ad hoc and accessible for those who are unable to commit to a more regular track.

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