Book of Revelation: Unravelled

Every Wednesday, from 05/15/2019 to 06/26/2019, 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Location: 11/F Island ECC, 633 King's Road, Quarry Bay HK

Date: Wednesday, May 15 - June 26, 2019 (7 weeks)
7:30 - 9:30 pm
Instructor: Martin Radford
11/F Classroom
Fee: HK$150 (2 books and class materials included)
Special note:

  • Registration begins on April 21 at 1/F Connect Counter
  • A book and reading assignment (if any) will be given upon registration
  • Space is limited to ensure a good learning environment
  • No walk-ins

Who's it for:
For everyone who wants to learn more about what the Book of Revelation is about how it impacts us.

Of all the books in the New Testament, there is none as difficult or even scary as Revelation, a title which seems to contradict the utterly obscure nature of the text. Conversely, it is also used by those who spend an unhealthy amount of time interpreting the text literally to apply its words to contemporary events especially natural disasters and predict the end of the world!

Revelation is neither unintelligible nor does it predict the end! It is not a photograph, it’s a vision expressed in a very specific type of language unfamiliar to us in the 21st Century.

This course intends to provide enough background to understand what’s going on in the text with the result that its meaning will become a great deal clearer and of using them in our lives. Our study starts from the clear understanding that Revelation was written in and UNDERSTOOD by 1st century Christians and hence needs to be studied as a 1st-century document. So we will concentrate on the context in which it was written, find out about the language, imagery, and culture and uncover the patterns and content.

Session 1 - Christians in crisis
Session 2 - 7 letters that everyone reads
Session 3 - The imagery – what on earth….?
Session 4 - End times or not -   a mid-course discussion
Session 5 - Numbers and more numbers
Session 6 - Beasts and Battles
Session 7 - Worship and Vision

Seminar with Q and A and group discussion.

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