Old Testament: Too Old, Odd, Difficult? [FULL]

Every Sunday, from 01/06/2019 to 01/27/2019, 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM

Location: 10/F Island ECC, 633 King's Road, Quarry Bay HK

Date: Sundays, January 6 - 27, 2019 (4 weeks)
Martin Radford
10/F Classroom

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Who this course is for:
Everyone really – most people find the OT hard going.

This course is to give a detailed overview, to help uncover new meaning, its application in the NT and relevance for us today.

It is perhaps true to say that the OT is the part of the Bible that most people (Christians and Non-Christians) have the most trouble with for a whole variety of reasons, historical, linguistic and cultural and more. The OT was written, edited and collected over a period of about 1200-1500 years which is a mighty long time and lots changed during this time. The OT books were written to the audience of the Ancient Near East – a culture very different to our own.   Our task in this 4 week course is to bring to light a helpful panoramic view so that we can get a whole lot more out of the reading of the OT and understand it more readily. It will be fun I promise!  

Session 1
The OT in its time
– making sense of the culture in which it was written. This really helps when we look at some of the way they saw history, told stories, found meaning and spoke about God with a bit of Archaeology thrown in.

Session 2
Beginnings, stories, laws and a people.
The first five books - how can we possibly understand them? Do they have ANY relevance for us today what with 21st views of history and science or even the NEW covenant in Jesus?

Session 3
Prophets, bad kings, idolatry and exile.
Things just seemed to go from bad to worse: was no one listening to the warnings? Whose view of history is this? And why is the language SO graphic?

Session 4
The other stuff – Wisdom, love poems and songs.
Lots of good literature but why should I take any notice of it now – is any of it helpful beyond a couple of sayings and psalms that I like? Where did all this come from anyway?

Lecture with Q&A.

**** Class is FULL ****

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