The Cure for Weariness

Posted by Jo Ann Yau on

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9

Mr and Mrs C weren’t easy to love. At 87 years old, Mr C frequently beat his wife, leaving her black and blue and bitter. For her part, 76-year-old Mrs C was venomous in her self-pity, spewing out nastiness every time she opened her mouth. Somehow, God placed this horribly broken couple in front of us, and Nelson and I became their ‘family counsellors.’ We regularly visited them in their home, took them out for meals and attempted to mediate between them on behalf of their children, who had moved way beyond their wits’ end long before.

Over time, we thought of many reasons to stop going to see them. They lived far from us. We had so many other commitments. We had no training in dealing with people like this. Nothing we did or said was making any difference anyway. It was so tempting to back away and let this family figure things out for themselves. Yet as we prayed for Mr and Mrs C, we knew that God wasn’t interested in our excuses. Someone needed to let this family know how much God loved them, and He had chosen us.

Over the next year, Mr and Mrs C became part of our lives. God led us to a church near their home and they reluctantly agreed to go with us. Eventually, they started to go even when we couldn’t take them. Some ladies from the church began to visit them at home and during one of those visits, Mrs C prayed to accept Jesus as her Saviour. Less than 18 months after we first met them, Mrs C passed away. We helped plan her funeral service, where her whole family had the chance to hear the gospel.

What if, when God put this couple in front of us, we had said, “No way”? Or what if we had given up? How thankful we are that God allowed us to see the harvest of this one soul. When weariness creeps in, as it so often does, we remember Mrs C and thank God for the harvest yet to come.

Let us let God cure our weariness by:

  • Thanking God that He is almighty and does not change in loving and chasing after us.
  • Asking God to help us not make excuses when He sends people to us; to choose to trust Him to have strength, perseverance and love from Him to see us through the giving up moments. 


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