"Shoulding" yourself to death?

Posted by Daniel Tse on

Have you ever said this: “I should have done it differently!”

Many of us live with regrets. Many of us “should ourselves to death!”

If you are looking at the future through coloured lenses of the past, you can never actually move forward. It’s as if you were driving to your destination but only looking in your rearview mirror as you speed down the highway. It doesn’t make sense. You will not go very far. You will either get disoriented, become stuck in one spot or worse, crash and hurt yourself and the people that are with you.

When we live in regret and pain, we start doing things that we believe are bringing us “life”! Denying the real root of the problems and numbing the pain with worthless and toxic things. We start following our hearts and believing that what we do is the right thing! ( Deuteronomy 12:8). We start following the world instead of the word.

Samson, failed God big time and did everything unimaginable. When he followed his own heart and desires; he ate unclean food, he became drunk when as a Nazirite, wine was not supposed to touch his lips, he married the enemy’s daughter, he sought prostitutes, he lied, stole and murdered men out of offence.

If anyone qualifies to “Should himself to death” and have endless regrets, Samson would top that list. No matter how Samson failed though when Samson truly repented, God redeemed & restored his life! What amazing Grace!

What about you friend? Are you undermining the Grace of God? Are you cheapening His Grace? Will you truly repent and stop living in regrets? Jesus has paid it all on the cross so that we may live in true freedom, abundance and in love!


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