Oh the Places You'll [Not] Go

Posted by Eric Farmer on

Some couples exchange beautiful poetry on their romantic walks together as they explore the depths of language and imagination. Not Katie and I, we quote Dr Seuss. As we were reflecting this week on this abnormal season of life, she recalled one of her favourite, obscure lines from that profound author. In “Oh, the Places You’ll Go,” Dr Seuss writes an encouragement to the reader of how they’re going to win in life, have fun and create magic as the world watches. He then follows with this line:

And then he enters a simple discourse about how every person experiences the scary reality of feeling alone when things don’t turn out as they thought. Sometimes God, and life hits the pause button without asking our permission first. It’s in the pause we’re left with that scary realisation of what’s captured in the adage - wherever you go, there you are. The great pause we’re all in has graced us with the scary opportunity to re-evaluate who we really are and what it is we’re really building.

And providentially at this time, our church is going through the book of Nehemiah, tracing how God’s hand guided him in a great rebuilding project and examining what rebuilding God might be calling us to in this city of ours. And I have to imagine the rebuilding of a healthy city starts with a rebuilding of healthy relationships and individuals.

So I want to leave us all with a reflective question and biblical guidance as we consider what this season of great pause might be revealing in your life.

First the question, one that I’ve found helpful from time to time that keeps me from casting blame and avoiding what God needs to do in me. How have I been complicit in creating the conditions that I say I don’t want? The busy schedule, the lack of spiritual discipline, misplaced priorities, rest, presence with family, etc…

Second, the guidance found in Romans 12:2. "Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” We’ve had had our patterns broken for us, so now let’s focus on the transforming (rebuilding) that God can do.

Because the healthier we are, the healthier our families are, the healthier our city will be.


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