My Journey to Freedom

Posted by Manson Yang on

If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. John 8:36

Freedom is something that we cherish. Let me share with you my spiritual journey to emotional and psychological freedom.

I have been a Christian for over 30 years but until six years ago. I never thought that I needed to be freed after I came to know Christ! My struggle with psychological freedom started with a single incident in the early 90s that snowballed as I went through other traumatic experiences over a period of more than 20 years. The first incident happened when my wife and I travelled to the US when we were flying from Florida to New York City. About one hour before landing, our plane experienced severe turbulence. The stewardess and the utensils she was holding hit the ceiling of the plane very abruptly that lasted for just a few seconds but left a scar in my heart for years to come. I did not even realise that it would resurface in a much later time!

The second incident happened in 2002 when my mom passed away in Toronto. This was a huge loss to me emotionally as I had a close relationship with her. After her passing, I always had a sense of guilt that I had not moved with my family to Canada.

The final incident happened in 2003 when my company laid me off – this proved to be the final straw. Anger, frustration and bitterness began to set in. Suddenly, I felt insecure and a sense of powerlessness. All these events led me to a deep sense of fear – the fear of losing control.

In medical terminology, "aerophobia" is the fear of flying. Each time I travelled by plane, I had to take medicine to calm the fear. I became a prisoner of this fear for the next 10 years! I was frustrated and helpless but did not know what to do.

Then in 2013, I learned about my serious illness, but because it was in the early stages, I was completely cured. I was so thankful to the Lord that I finally surrendered to Him on the hospital bed. I felt great joy and His love surrounding me. I then learned that healing begins with forgiveness. I started to make a list of the people that I had grudges with and had asked the Lord to forgive me for not forgiving them! I realised that the Lord had set me free – I am no longer a prisoner of my past circumstances. Truly free! Since then I have travelled many times without needing to take any medicine!

Do you want to be set free of your circumstances by the Lord? Remember, healing starts with forgiveness. Ask God to help you to:

  • Thank Him for His willingness and desire to forgive and love you always; and,
  • Forgive yourself for not letting go of burdens and anyone who has wronged you.


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