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It’s a word that is in our headlines all the time. 

Freedom of speech. Political freedom. Economic freedom. Sexual freedom.

Amid all the fuss about freedom, little is mentioned about spiritual freedom. Sometimes spiritual freedom is often misconstrued as the license to do, think, or speak however one wants to under the guise of freedom. But when freedom is misapplied it leads to chaos

True freedom isn’t the unrestricted option to do whatever we want, but rather the ability to do what is right.

The apostle Paul was greatly concerned with misapplied freedom among the Galatian believers. Here some of his words of urgent concern:

I am amazed that you are so quickly deserting Him.” 1:6

I am perplexed about you.” 4:20

I fear for you.” 4:11

Who hindered you?” 5:7

Seeing Christ-followers lose their way through bad choices was alarming for Paul.

He knew the very essence of the gospel is understanding how it brings true freedom. Not unrestricted, call-your-own-shots kind of freedom, but rather a reasoned submission to God that allows freedom to come from doing what is right.

It’s counter-intuitive, for sure. Most of the Christian life is. The last shall be first? You must die to live?

But it’s nonetheless true. True freedom is found is willing submission.

Paul reasons with them: “Have I become your enemy by telling you the truth?” (Galatians 4:16)

Truth is a gift and the pathway to real life. Truth guides us to real freedom.

Consider doing an inventory of your recent choices. Are they deliberate, intentional, and filtered through the wisdom of God? Or have you allowed the wisdom of the age to creep in, causing you to justify unwise actions, all the while calling it your freedom?

So pursue truth and apply it to your life. Joyfully live with limits. You are a child of God, and your heavenly Father is only good. So his limits are not cruel, but pathway to real freedom.


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