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Fearless. This single word summarises the way in which each one of us would hope to live as a follower of Jesus Christ: bold, confident, gutsy, even heroic. However, fear is our enemy, plaguing us in many ways, both big and small, both consequential and inconsequential. How do we fight it? Be fearless. This was the theme of our recent Sunday morning series with its corresponding Care Group study during which we dug into the pervasive question, “How can we become fearless?”

On reflection, we realise, of course, that the ultimate answer is in God’s love. Jesus’ disciple, John, put it succinctly in this way in 1 John 4:18: There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear. If we truly want to experience fearless being, it is vital we understand what this perfect love is all about.

Quite simply, perfect love is the love of God expressing itself in our love to each other. And when such love is active, fear loses its power. So, with our identities in Christ, sowing the seeds of our faith, battling against evil, living out God’s purpose for us, trusting him with all that we have and are, and surrendering our power to Him, fear loses its grip on us.

To assist you in applying the truths from the Fearless series, here are the six phrases that each sermon intro video ended with. 

  1. Tame your fear and reveal your true identity
  2. When fear sets in, rely on what you know to be true.
  3. Power to be fearless comes from something greater than yourself.
  4. Fearless living is having confidence in what holds you up.
  5. Fearless trusting can see you through even the most difficult challenges.
  6. Often the most powerful response to fear is letting go.

May each of you determine to live fearlessly! And as you ponder these thoughts, take a look at the video below. You will find the six animated sermon introductions from the series. Enjoy!


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