Dressed for Christmas

Posted by Daniel Tse on

You are thinking to yourself... What should I wear to the company Christmas dinner? The high school reunion Christmas gathering? And what about the Island ECC Christmas Eve service? Hmm... Perhaps the latest designer label with a dash of red, something sparkly with a hint of gold? Hmmmmm… Not too fussed about it? Stick to the annual Christmas red pullover? Have you thought about shoes? Accessories? The watch? Which bag will match?

The truth is, we spend countless hours, energy and resources on our appearance, our skin, our hair, what we wear. Whether you are a fashion guru, a practical kind of person, or fall somewhere between… you will put on something.

That’s at least the basics? We would never leave our home – naked! Would we?

Here is a daunting thought for you then, why do most of us, everyday, leave our home spiritually naked!

We don’t clothe ourselves at all, not to mention adequately, before we walk into the world; and yet, we often wonder why we are tempted by sin, crushed by frustration and often feel defeated by our enemy. The word of God instructs us to “put on” the breastplate of righteousness! To raise our shield of faith! To strap on the gospel of peace! (Ephesians 6:13-17)

Do you want to be ready for the day? Do you want to be ready for Christmas Eve? Do you want to give to Jesus His best birthday gift? Well, let’s prepare together and get our spiritual outfit sorted out.

Try this – Create a playlist of say, your 10 favourite worship songs and name it “Battle Ready” (or whatever inspiration God gives you).

Listen to your playlist as you get dressed spiritually every morning with steps 1-3 below:

1) Choose the Right Mindset: When you wake up, don’t touch your phone but recite this scripture “This is the day that the Lord has made, (your name) will rejoice and be glad in it!” (Psalm 118:24), even in your difficult times, choose to rejoice despite the circumstances!

2) Repent & Receive: Come before God with your repentance and receive His new grace every morning! (Lamentations 3:22-23)

3) Attitude of Gratitude: Give thanks for every little and big thing around you! A thankful heart reminds you to be joyful always! (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)

Commit to this for 7 days (best to grab someone to do this with) and you will see the difference between walking out “naked into the world everyday” versus “being armoured up in the power of God” as soon as you wake in the morning! For some of you, this might take 5 minutes, for some, maybe you need a 30-minute “getting ready” time, however long or short each day, it’s up to you!

When you are done. Say to God, I am ready and text your friends or group e.g. “Battle Ready”. This year, let’s make time to get dressed, not only for Christmas but every morning! If you see me around church, wave and say “B.R.!”. I’ll know what you are talking about! Merry Christmas everyone!


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