Bold Faith Newsletter #2 - Ambassadors: God's Transformation

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Welcome to the BOLD Faith Campaign Newsletter!

Hong Kong is a city that awaits God’s transformation. God is at work and He is using His church to transform the fabric of our society.

Since the April newsletter, an additional 14 buildings have been introduced by brokers, developers and congregants. We have conducted a detailed analysis of one development in Wong Chuk Hang and realised that there are issues with seating occupancy limitations, vertical traffic discharge and low ceiling heights. Let us pray for God’s wisdom for the right building for the church.

In this newsletter, we are pleased to introduce one of our Ambassador couples as spokespersons for the BOLD Faith Campaign. Ambassadors are congregants at Island ECC who are committed in supporting the BOLD Faith campaign with their time, giving and resources. Here is a picture of them and a message from Bernard:

Ambassadors: Noel Chu and Bernard Chang

“Our faith journey as a couple began in 2006. While we were dating, our views on God were completely different. After Noel was baptised at Island ECC, God’s plan for our lives started unfolding through a chain of miracles that led me to seek Him.

“Men’s Fraternity encouraged me through many loving brothers and mentors. Noel then witnessed my baptism and a “Bernard 2.0” who was made new by the Holy Spirit was born. With God’s Grace, Noel (a wedding dress designer) put aside her cynical thoughts from witnessing too many broken marriages and regained hope in marriage. In 2000, we were married in the church's sanctuary by Pastor Brett.

“Island ECC is more than a church: it is our second home and family as we share life with others. Sundays are to worship Jesus and other days to serve our communities.

“As an architect, the notion of ‘permanence’ is significant: all churches and cathedrals stand against the rise and fall of civilizations and regimes. BOLD Faith is far more than securing a permanent home for our growing congregations and ministries – it is a lifetime opportunity for all of us to participate in advancing the Kingdom, bringing the Gospel to non-believers, and transforming lost and hopeless souls in the city and beyond.

“No one would have thought Noel and myself are capable of having bold faith. We are not able but our God is able.”

Jesus is the stone you builders rejected, which has become the cornerstone. Acts 4:11


Please pray for Noel and Bernard to continue to use their gifts and talents for God’s glory! Our church is so thankful for God’s provision of Bold Faith Ambassadors.


Phillip Chin
Bold Faith Chairman

God who made the world and everything in it does not dwell in temples made with hands. Acts: 17: 24-25


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