6 Ideas for a Covid Christmas

Posted by Kevin Kusunoki on

Our plans for this time of the year have certainly been disrupted, but that should not prevent us from celebrating Christmas together with our families and friends. Here are five ideas to help you celebrate this Christmas season in a Covid-responsible way:

1. Wear matching pajamas!
A staple of the Christmas season are holiday cards of matching pyjamas. Send every family member a set of matching pyjamas, have them take selfies, and splice them all into one photo!

2. Karaoke Carols
What is Christmas without singing Christmas carols? No matter what communication platform you use (Zoom, Skype, Google Chat), there should be a function to share your screen. Just pull up the lyrics of your favourite Christmas carol, share your screen, and have everybody sing along! Be ready for some awful harmonies.

3. Virtual Secret Santa/White Elephant
My favourite part of every Christmas party is the gift exchange. Believe it or not, there are online platforms that make it possible for you to host such an event. and are two platforms that do just that. 

4. Stream “The Nutcracker” and Other Holiday Performances

I grew up watching the Nutcracker on Christmas Day or perhaps you’ve made a tradition out of listening to Handel’s “Messiah.” The good news is that many theatre companies and orchestras are adjusting to the times and putting these performances online. Now you don’t have to beat the rush of the crowds, and you can enjoy these performances on YouTube from the comfort of your home. 

5. Celebrate Christmas from around the world 

Let’s be real, most of us are travelling on Christmas, and while you may not be able to travel right now, you can celebrate as if you were. Learn about different folk tales from various countries, like Sinterklass and the 13 Yule Lads. Cook or bake traditional foods, or celebrate the Japanese tradition of eating Kentucky Fried Chicken. 

6. Candlelight Service 

Island ECC is hosting a candlelight service on Christmas Eve at 7pm. Remember to get your own candles for the candle lighting moment. Host a viewing party or watch it with friends on Zoom, you won’t want to miss it!


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