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Apr1 Church Online Church will be online from Sunday, March 22 until April 5 at 11:30am and 3:00pm. Please join us in worship and community online. Find out more.



Apr5 Lent Devotional: Seek God for the City
This devotional is a helpful guide on seeking God for our city during the Lent Season. Lent starts on February 26. Find out more.

Apr5 Prayer Room
Join us as we gather to pray for the city and the church. In this difficult time, we must seek guidance and strength from the Lord. Find out more.




Classes and Support Groups

Apr19 Purpose vs. Paycheck
What is a "calling" and what does it mean to find purpose in one's profession? Do we just go to work for the money, or is there a deeper meaning to stewardship? In this class, we will explore the theology of work, and how our spiritual mandates coincide with our chosen careers. Find out more.

Apr19 Kairos Course: God, the Church and the World
Kairos is an exciting 10-lesson interactive course that helps us discover our part in God's plan for the world. It combines small group community with videos, devotions, worship and activities that will get you thinking outside the box. Now in its fourth year, this a paradigm-changing course that gives everyone a deeper, personal understanding of the Great Commission. Find out more.

Apr22 Disordered Eating Support Group
Disordered eating can take many forms; you may struggle with it, even if you don't think it's a full-blown eating disorder. Join this 6-week support group led by caring professionals who have experience dealing with these issues. Find out more.

Apr22 Thrive Women's Support Group [Dates revised]
Are you feeling worried, lost, discouraged or empty? Are things not as good as you think they should be? Would you like to thrive rather than just survive?  If so, this group is for you. Plan to join with similar women for a six-week Wednesday evening support group led by two trained counsellors. Group discussion will take place in a safe, comfortable place and all sharing is valued and confidential. Find out more.


Volunteer Opportunities

Sunday Service Volunteers

Serving is at the heart of everything we do at Island ECC. It reflects the heart of God as Jesus declared that even He came to serve. If you want to help us make Sunday services awesome by making church warm and welcoming, brewing coffee, or baking, register at islandecc.hk/volunteer


Employment Opportunities

If you are interested, send your CV and cover letter to .

If you are interested in the above positions, please email Nina Nyhoff at   with your CV and cover letter.

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Generosity is at the heart of God, and it's our privilege and calling to imitate His generosity with all He's entrusted us. Every contribution goes to ministries which change lives in the church, the city and around the around.

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 For more information on giving visit islandecc.hk/giving

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