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Island Info: 23rd September 2018

Justice Conference Asia 2018; Kids Club FX; Join a Care Group

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Special Items



Sep24 Alpha (Fall 2018)
Alpha is a 10-week opportunity to explore the basics of the Christian faith in a relaxed environment. Find out more.

Sep25 Men’s Fraternity (Fall 2018)
MF has restarted. This is where “we fight together and become better men!” Our culture stems from being equipped by a mentor to serving with a buddy and connecting with a mentee. Come and be part of this community of men. Tuesdays, 7 – 10 pm, 10/F Auditorium. Find out more.

Sep26 The Village Gathering (Fall 2018)
The Village Gathering has restarted, and we are looking at how to respond to God’s call to live life to the full. We will engage at the interface between God’s freeing truths and our complex lives. Come and be part of an authentic sisterhood. Find out more.

Oct7 Talk: The Changing Church in China
Join us and hear from our Supported Partner, ChinaSource, who will share their expertise on the changing church in China and how disciples are continuing to spread the gospel, even in the midst of increasing restrictions and difficulties. Find out more.

Oct14 Kids Club FX: Contentment
Come join us for Kids Club FX to learn about contentment – deciding to be okay with what you have. Find out more.

Oct19 Justice Conference Asia
Every year Island ECC partners with the Justice Conference Asia, held at The Vine. This year’s theme is “All Things New.” The conference will feature international justice voices exploring how God is moving His creation towards His purpose to restore and renew. Tickets available at www.thejusticeconferenceasia.com (Promo Code: ieccjca18) Find out more.

Nov2 Men’s Retreat: The Great Getaway
Take a breather. Get collected. Be in the moment and get away for 24 hours to be still and refocus on the Lord of your life. Reflect and seek what God is impressing upon your heart this season. Be refreshed. Be energised. Be rested; come and join the annual Great Getaway! Find out more.

Jan31 Israel Study Trip 2019
See the Bible come to life! The Israel Study trip will be taking place over Chinese New Year (31 January to 11 February 2019). Find out more.



Sep25 Homeless Outreach
Hope of the City partners with a local NGO to reach out to the homeless community every Tuesday and at Mid-Autumn Festival. We are looking for 25 volunteers to join us in serving desserts. Find out more.

Sep29 Mobile Shopping Fair
Every month, Hope of the City volunteers serve the elderly at Hong Kong’s oldest public housing estates by helping them deliver necessities ordered at a reduced price in Shek Kip Mei. We are looking for 25 volunteers to help out. Find out more.

Sep30 Mongolia Mission Trip Sharing Session
40 young souls went and served the people of Mongolia this past summer. Come and hear personal stories of how God has been working in people’s lives in Mongolia. Find out more.

Sep30 Grow Mission Trip Info Session
Join us to transform a community in Cebu, Philippines. Find out more.

Oct6 Sham Shui Po Family Cooking Contest
Hope is hosting a family competition between teams with a mother and child. We are recruiting 15 volunteers to support the contestants, including delivering ingredients and encouraging the family. Find out more.

Dec21 Philippines Mission Trip
We will be serving a local community in Cebu, Philippines by equipping them through a leadership program. Find out more.


Classes and Support Groups

Sep26 Walk Thru the Book of Judges
The Book of Judges covers a turbulent time in Israel’s history. “Everyone did what was right in their own eyes.” Yet God was faithful and sent “judges” to guide them. Join pastor Albert for this 3-week class to survey this period of time. Find out more.

Sep30 Bible 101
“It ain’t the parts of the Bible that I can’t understand that bothers me, it’s the parts I do understand” Mark Twain. If you sometimes feel that this is true for you, then join Martin Radford in this 3-week course to get grips with the Bible in a new and refreshing way. Find out more.

Oct7 Theology 101
Have you ever been asked “What do you believe about God/ Jesus/ sin/ heaven?” How did you answer them? Theology 101 is an introductory course for those who want to have a clear understanding about the main topics of the Bible. Find out more.

Oct7 Art of Dating
Dating is one of the most exciting and mysterious things on earth. Many are elated by joy of relating to a special person of the opposite gender. The differences between men and women lead to both joy and confusion. Join Pastor Tim LaTour in this 4-week class. Find out more.

Oct8 Embracing God's Calling in Your Second Half of Life
Curious about how to use your unique set of talents, success or resources for something of greater spiritual significance? Planning the second-half of your life? Join Andrew Sum for a thought-provoking 3 session workshop. Limited seats. Find out more.

Oct18 Divorce - Separation Support Group
Divorce and separation bring deep hurts and raise complex issues. This support group combines video sessions with group discussions led by safe, caring people. You will find people who share the same kind of experiences and feelings with you. Sessions are for both men and women (who meet together for video and then meet in separate small groups for discussion). You are welcome to come to the first session to decide if this is will assist you as you deal with your loss. Find out more.

Oct24 Walk Thru the Letters of Paul
Apostle Paul is perhaps the most important writer in the New Testament. In this 8-week class, Pastor Albert Ng will survey the historical background, main theme, and structure of all the 13 letters of Paul. Find out more.


Service Opportunities

Elderly Home Elderly Visit Recruitment

Kwun Tong holds the second highest poverty rate in our city. This September marks the third year of our volunteers reaching out to the elderly in this area. Hope of the City would like to invite you to be part of this commitment to display the love of Christ. For more information, email .

Ngau Tau Kok Elderly Visit Recruitment

This September marks the third year of our volunteers reaching out to the elderly in Ngau Tau Kok. Hope of the City would like to invite you to be part of this commitment to display the love of Christ. For more information, email .

Production Crew Volunteers

Our Production Crew is looking for dedicated volunteers to help make our Sunday services a worshipful experience. You don’t have to be a media professional to volunteer, just an eye for detail and passion to serve. For more information, email .

Looking to serve God with your work and be a part of our vibrant, dynamic staff? Click here to view our employment opportunities. 

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