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9Feb Care Group Connect
We believe that being in a healthy spiritual community is a key component of spiritual growth. If you’d like to join a new care group, come to this eleven-week transformational experience and find out what it’s like to be in an authentic community! Find out more.


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25Jan Men's Fraternity Movie Night (For Men & Women)
This event is for both men and women. A real-life action-adventure film about a special forces soldier and his family as they experience God’s miracles in seemingly impossible situations. This epic documentary chronicles the 20-year journey of the Free Burma Rangers, an unconventional humanitarian organization, as they venture through jungles, firefights, and heroic rescues. Find out more.

26Jan The Book of 1 Corinthians (Women Only)
Why are there divisions within the Church? Why does the Church tolerate sin? Are you experiencing any of these problems which the Corinthian Church did, in your own relationships or in your Church? Then this study may help you to understand better and be an important resource for you. Learn how to pray by knowing God’s mind and will. What does God say about marriage, divorce, remarriage, tongues, prophecy, giving? Paul addresses these issues raised by the Corinthian believers. Find out more.

30Jan Upper Room
Join with us to pray for the city and the church, as we learn about various aspects of prayer and to practice group prayer together. Find out more.

2Feb Beloved Conference
Our Filipino Ministry is hosting a 2-day, virtual conference over CNY called Beloved Conference! This annual gathering will help participants learn from the life of Moses about how they and others can live a life of freedom. Find out more.

7Feb The Book of Hebrews (Women Only)
Where do you put your trust? What holds you firm in the storms of life as all around you blows away? Does your confidence rest in a mystical experience or a person you respect and admire, or do you chase after the latest fad or teaching? What hope do you have for the future? God has given us the one sure foundation, the key to living by faith - Jesus. Find out more.

15Feb Men's Fraternity Spring Launch
Men’s Fraternity is back for the Spring Season on Tuesday nights! Come join us as we fight through life’s toughest issues together and celebrate God’s goodness in our lives. We are currently offering different discussion tracks, based on materials tailored to common challenges that men face. Find out more.

19Feb Prime Time
Our church’s Senior Adult Ministry offers a monthly event designed specifically for those who are 55 and above. “Prime Time” features some worship and fellowship with a different focus each month to allow for engaging dialogue. Pastor Albert Ng will share some great insights with us this month along with time for Q and A and small group discussion. Find out more.

6Mar Art of Marriage
Marriage isn’t an exact science. Taking two different people, mixing their colorful backgrounds, cultures, and family dynamics takes work, patience, and flexibility. In the end, we can see that the marriage relationship is truly a work of art. Find out more.




Classes and Support Groups

26Jan Foundation Four Unit 1 - Bible Intro
The Bible, especially the Old Testament, is simply not easy to read! It is really a library of ‘books’ which were written in a language and culture very different to our own, leading some to question its relevance. This introduction to the Bible will help you navigate your way through and hopefully find joy in the reading. Find out more.

30Jan The Unfinished Story
God's story doesn't end with the last book of the Bible. It's an unfinished story that is still being written, and we all have a role to play in it! This four-week course is for anyone wanting to learn key themes of the Bible, the growth of the church throughout history, and our role in God's plan for the lost. Find out more.

9Feb Foundation Four Unit 2 - Theology Start-up
Have you ever been asked, “What do you believe about God/Jesus/sin/heaven?” How did you answer them? This is an introductory course for those who want to have a clear understanding of the main topics of the Bible and is designed to help you explore and think deeper about some of the foundational beliefs of the Christian faith. Find out more.

13Feb GROW Discipleship Course
GROW is a discipleship training course done in small groups. We use the 2:7 Series by the Navigators, which has a long history of helping people experience spiritual growth. People in GROW learn to have quiet time with joy, read the Bible with understanding, fellowship with brothers and sisters in love, and witness to non-believers with courage and confidence. Find out more.

21Feb (Online) Alpha - Spring 2022
Alpha is for anyone who’s curious about the Christian faith. It is a 10-week series of interactive sessions designed for participants to explore the relationship with Jesus and the basics of the Christian faith in a friendly, honest and informal environment. Find out more.

2Mar Foundation Four Unit 3 - Spiritual Life
The fact is that it takes practice to establish and maintain a vital relationship with God. The overall theme of this class is found in 1 Timothy 4:7: Discipline yourself for the purpose of godliness. This class will guide the way forward for establishing habits which encourage God’s grace to flow more fully into your life. Find out more.


Volunteer Opportunities

Serve @ Island ECC

James 2:22 shares that our faith is made complete by our actions. God designed you with purpose and He has given gifts that He calls you to use to serve others with. For this reason, Island ECC offers you a broad number of opportunities to care for the church, the city and even other nations. You can begin your journey into service to grow your faith and be a light to others by signing up at islandecc.hk/volunteer

Kids Club Volunteers

We need you now more than ever! Kids Club is calling for Small Group Leaders, Family Welcome Team, Worship Leaders, Hosts, Production Crew, and Marvel Buddies. If you want to make a positive lifelong influence on the next generation, this is the place for you!

For more info, please email


Employment Opportunities

If you are interested, send your CV and cover letter to .

Volunteers Ministry Team Leader and Coordinator

The Volunteer Ministry is looking for new team members who share a passion to serve God and His church. This ministry sets a warm and friendly environment and welcomes our congregations weekly to experience meaningful and personal worship. They will serve with and lead volunteer teams, assist in the administrative and practical support of the ministry, maintain and administer the varied workspaces, and provide support in church events. These positions require strong interpersonal and communication skills, nuanced cultural sensitivities, and high flexibility and quick problem-solving in live operating conditions. The candidates should have at least 3 years of experience in customer service or other customer- or client-facing professions. Fluency in English and Cantonese as well as an openness to learning and using new technologies/software are plus. Full time and part-time positions are available.

Web Developer

Our IT department is looking for a full-stack web and app developer who loves coding and wants to bridge the gap between back-end and front-end systems. Good understanding of web hosting environments, proficiency in web programming languages especially C#, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and experience in working with REST-based API and JSON desired. This person can solve technical challenges quickly and effectively and has great attention to detail. Assistance with IT and AV systems support and operations may be needed from time to time. Fluency in English is essential.

Creative Video Producer

If you are passionate about innovative and creative video production that speaks to the heart and communicates truth in profound ways, we would love to hear from you.
This full-time staff position will be responsible for developing Island ECC video content. You will be expected to brainstorm with our creative team and conceptualize new videos. This position requires to perform script-writing, storyboarding, directing, filming and editing to create promotional and creative content. With a focus on Hong Kong and Asia, the candidate should also be conscious of Island ECC's aesthetics/branding. 3+ years of experience and proficiency in video editing software tools required, experience with shoot planning (scouting locations, art direction, scheduling, lighting) a plus.

If you are interested in the above positions, please email Nina Nyhoff at   with your CV and cover letter.

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Generosity is at the heart of God, and it's our privilege and calling to imitate His generosity with all He's entrusted us. Every contribution goes to ministries which change lives in the church, the city and around the around.

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