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Island Info: 12 Jan 2019


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Special Items



Jan18 Island Youth Mission Trips
Island Youth students have the opportunity to grow in their faith, serve, and see what God is doing by going on a mission trip just after CNY. High school will be going to Bacolod with ICM and middle school will be going to Cebu with Agape. Find out more.

Jan18 EMULATE 2020
Come join us at the EMULATE Youth Conference for students ages 11-18, for engaging teaching, amazing worship, games, food and giveaways, as we learn what happens when My Story joins His Story and becomes Our Story.  Find out more.

Jan19 Parent Talk: The Importance of Family Fellowship
Deuteronomy 6 casts a vision for family life that aligns with God’s design. In it, the family is seen naturally chatting about godly things throughout the day and creating physical reminders of God. Wherever you are with your family, whether God doesn’t often come up or you can’t stop talking about Him, come learn creative ways to engage as a family. Find out more.

Feb3 Alpha - Spring 2020
Alpha is for anyone who’s curious about the Christian faith. It is a 10-week series of interactive sessions that explores a relationship with Jesus. The sessions are designed to encourage debate and explore the basics of the Christian faith in a friendly, honest and informal environment. Find out more.

Feb5 Women's Bible Study: The Book of Exodus
Learn powerful truths about God’s ways. A remarkably practical study of deliverance, redemption, the Law, and the Tabernacle. Join this study to see how God delivers His people by judging their enemies. Wednesdays,10 am – 1 pm, 11/F Classroom. Find out more.

Feb8 Walking With God
God is actively involved everywhere and especially seen in nature, so join us for a special time with Him while admiring His creation walking around the harbour. Find out more.

Feb9 Mandarin Alpha
This is a 10-week course run in Mandarin for you to explore faith, life, and God with your friends and family. The setting is casual and you can ask questions freely. There will be worship, short video, testimony, sharing, and light refreshment. Volunteers are also needed. Find out more.

Feb9 Parent Talk: Establishing Healthy Boundaries for Children
As parents, you can think of boundary as a line you set to effectively establish limits for your children, but we sometimes cross boundaries ourselves in our attempts in to fix things. Join us as we learn from Christine Ma-Lau on different ways to establish healthy boundaries for your children. Find out more.

Feb12 The Village Gathering - Spring 2020
The Village Gathering is the sisterhood hub of Island ECC. Girls and women at every stage of life can come to this safe space to do life together, to recharge, to spur one another on in a setting where worship, community and the inspired Word of God are at the forefront. Find out more.

Feb20 Care Group Connect
Want to find others that click with you and walk life with? Want to sharpen one another and prepare for the everyday battlefield? Come join this 8-week Care Group Connect, your first step to a care group. Starts Jan 20, 7:30pm, 2/F. Register today! Find out more.

Feb21 Global Leadership Summit (GLS)
GLS is a two-day leadership training event featuring world-class speakers via videocast as well as live local influencers. Learn how to maximise your impact and inspire those around you. To take advantage of the early bird discount of $350... Find out more.



Jan26 Lebanon Outreach Trip Info Session
We will return to Lebanon to serve Syrian refugees who have been displaced by war. Working with local church partners, this team will organise English classes, visit refugee families, reach out to children and teens, and arrange morning assemblies. Join the info session to learn more! Find out more.



Classes and Support Groups

Feb2 God's Fingerprints
Did you know that God is actively at work in your life? Join Jonathan Lo in this 4-week class to see God's fingerprints more prominently, appreciate with a greater sense of clarity His shaping and forming, and draw key leadership principles from Dr. J. Robert Clinton of Fuller Theological Seminary. Find out more.

Feb5 Thrive Women's Support Group
Are you feeling worried, lost, discouraged or empty? Are things not as good as you think they should be? Would you like to thrive rather than just survive?  If so, this group is for you. Plan to join with similar women for a six-week Wednesday evening support group led by two trained counsellors. Group discussion will take place in a safe, comfortable place and all sharing is valued and confidential. Find out more.

Feb9 The Unfinished Story
God's Story doesn't end with the last book of the Bible. It's an unfinished story that is still being written, and we all have a role to play in it! This 4-week course is for anyone wanting to sharpen their understanding of missions by learning about God's heart for the lost in the Old and New Testaments, the growth of the church throughout history, and how our lives play a part in God's redemptive plan for all nations. Find out more.

Feb16 Letter to the Ephesians
As followers of Christ, how should we face opposition and live with those who may have different views as we do? Join Michelle Lo on this 4-week study on the letter to the Ephesians and learn how to live out a more holy, pure, and Christ-inspired lifestyle, in relation to others, through practical case studies and application to our everyday life. Find out more.


Volunteer Opportunities

Sunday Service Volunteers

Serving is at the heart of everything we do at Island ECC. It reflects the heart of God as Jesus declared that even He came to serve. If you want to help us make Sunday services awesome by making church warm and welcoming, brewing coffee, or baking, register at islandecc.hk/volunteer

Looking to serve God with your work and be a part of our vibrant, dynamic staff? Click here to view our employment opportunities. 

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