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Island Info: 26th November 2017

Global Leadership Summit; Kids Club FX; Flourish; Christmas Gift Bags; Emulate Youth Conference

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Special Items

Dec17 Baby Dedication

We are delighted today to join with the Chu family in the dedication of their child to the Lord: Joshua Chu, born 30 August 2017, to parents Hang and Joanne Chu. We warmly welcome all family and friends visiting for this occasion at 9:30 am, 10/F Worship Hall.

Dec17 Prayer After Service

We want to encourage the church to set aside time to pray this Sunday wherever you are. If you need to pray with people, feel free to approach our prayer volunteers at the front. Kindly leave the sanctuary quietly and respect those who are praying.

Dec17 Christmas Love Offering

One way we partner with a wide variety of ministries is through our Christmas Love Offering. You can join with us in supporting these ministries by placing your offering in the red envelopes provided.

Dec17 Island ECC 2018 Calendar

Every year, our design team works to create a calendar for the upcoming year that carries meaning beyond simply scheduling. This year, the theme is “I Am the Beginning”. Calendars can be purchased on 1/F, 2/F, and 10/F for $50.

Dec24 Christmas Eve Services

We would like to invite you, your family and friends to worship with us during our special Christmas Eve Services on Sunday, 24 December 2017. These special candlelight services will be held at our normal service times of 9:30 am, 11:30 am, 3 pm, and 5 pm.

Dec31 Deadline for Friends of HK Charities Donations

Please note that donation cheques for Friends of Hong Kong Charities Inc. for 2017 should be dated and submitted no later than 31 December. Anything received after this date will be considered as a donation for 2018.



Dec16 Christmas Carolling Tram Party
Are you excited that Christmas is coming up and want to spread some cheer throughout the city? Then come and join our Christmas Caroling Tram Party on 16 December! And take a slow ride through Hong Kong belting out your favourite carols! Find out more.

Dec19 Men’s Fraternity
We believe men need other men. We need other men to rally around us, strengthen us, have man-to-man honesty, and experience got-your-back friendships. Men’s Fraternity aims to nurture a brotherhood where men seek to live each day for the God they love. Dinner provided at 7 pm. Find out more.

Dec20 The Village (Fall 2017)
Looking for a hub for women? Come join us this week! We are exploring what it means to be fully alive in God and diving into the power of our true identity and purpose. Join us for good food, community and fruitful conversations. Dinner provided at 7 pm. Find out more.

Jan1 Indonesian Christmas Celebration
Please invite any Indonesian domestic helper you may know to attend a special event designed just for them: “Celebrating Christmas and New Years!” Find out more.

Jan9 Men’s Fraternity Spring Launch
Let your New Year’s resolutions start with joining Men’s Fraternity this Spring! Core and seasonal tracks are geared specifically for men! Be intentional and come for fellowship on Tuesday nights, 10/F, starting at 7 pm with dinner. Find out more.

Jan10 The Village Spring Launch
Let your New Year’s resolutions start with joining Men’s Fraternity this Spring! Core and seasonal tracks are geared specifically for men! Be intentional and come for fellowship on Tuesday nights, 10/F, starting at 7 pm with dinner. Find out more.

Jan13 Life-Changing Prayer Workshop
Do you find praying hard? Is it possible you misunderstand it? Join our interactive workshop, facilitated by Jennifer Tow and Rick Bates. Find out more.

Jan14 Grow Discipleship Course Launch
Want to take your walk with Christ to the next level? At GROW, participants learn how to establish a daily quiet time, read the Bible, fellowship with others, witness to non-believers and more. More information is available at the Launch Party. Find out more.

Jan19 Emulate Youth Conference
Emulate, a youth conference for all students (ages 11 - 18) to come together, celebrate God and be empowered with the knowledge that they as the church have the ability to make a difference now. This weekend, full of engaging teaching, amazing worship, games and giveaways will give students the tools and vision to bring change to their schools, families and the world. Find out more.

Feb2 Global Leadership Summit
Join us for the Global Leadership Summit on 2 – 3 February, 2018, a two-day event featuring inspiration and training from world-class leaders. GLS reaches 400,000 people from over 120 countries. Find out more.



Dec17 Shanxi Mission Trip Sharing Session
“Completely touched and awed beyond words.” This is how the team described their experience serving in Shanxi in November. Join them to hear their personal experiences and the ways God touched their lives and the lives of those they travelled to serve. Find out more.

Dec21 Philippines Mission Trip
We will be serving a local community in Cebu, Philippines by equipping them through a leadership program. Find out more.

Dec23 Christmas Prison Outreach
We will be visiting English-speaking inmates over Christmas at Pik Uk Prison and Tung Tau Correctional Institution to share our faith through worship and testimony. Find out more.

Feb16 ICM Philippines Mission Trip
Next CNY, Island ECC will send a team to Dumaguete, Philippines to serve the spiritual and physical needs of the community by helping with a sanitation project, interacting with locals to show love and giving hope to some of the poorest families in the Philippines. Find out more.

Mar1 Footsteps of Jesus: Israel Study Trip 2018
This study trip aims to deepen our understanding of Jesus and His ministry by visiting the places He walked and taught. There will be a lot of learning to cover before, during, and after the trip. Find out more.

Mar3 Vietnam Men's Trip
Partner with Men’s Fraternity to share the gospel through words and actions to the closed country of Vietnam. The team is returning for the seventh year to build structures and relationships for a middle school. For more information, or to register, email Find out more.

Apr2 Vietnam Family Mission Trip
Interested to serve together as a family? This will be our third year returning to Hanoi, Vietnam serving orphans and partnering with an elementary school for a day full of activities. Find out more.



Dec17 Baptism Class (Sundays)
If you’re interested in being baptised, please plan to attend both baptism classes on 10 and 17 December, 9:30 am - 11:00 am, 7/F Classroom. Find out more.

Dec17 Christmas Recovered
Christmas is a favourite festival but its origins and significance have been tragically lost over the years. Join Martin Radford in this detailed recovery of the realities of the birth of Jesus to discover more of the amazing faith, humility and obedience of those chosen to serve Him. Find out more.

Dec17 The Book of Acts
Come explore the book of Acts with us as we see how the early church went from a small group of Jewish believers to a multicultural movement that spread across the Roman empire. Whether you are new to reading the Bible or familiar with the book of Acts, this 4-week class will help you grow in your faith. Find out more.

Dec20 Baptism Class (Wednesdays)
If you’re interested in being baptised, please attend both Wednesday classes, 13 and 20 December, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm, 10/F Classroom. Find out more.

Jan10 Galatians for You
The Letter to the Galatians is one of the most important letter from Paul the Apostle. In this letter, Paul tells explains how our salvation and our Christian life is based on faith and not our work. Moreover, Paul proceeds to explain how this faith will transform our lives in our daily lives in very practical ways. Find out more.


Service Opportunities

Production Crew Volunteers

Our Production Crew is looking for dedicated volunteers to help make our Sunday services a worshipful experience. You don’t have to be a media professional to volunteer, just an eye for detail and passion to serve. For more information, email .

Looking to serve God with your work and be a part of our vibrant, dynamic staff? Click here to view our employment opportunities. 

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