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Island Info: 23rd April 2017

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Special Items



May2 Men's Fraternity
Come to Men’s Fraternity on Tuesday nights, where a man can be a man. Together we tough out the toughest issues. We celebrate God’s goodness in our lives! It’s time you return to where you belong: connecting with other men in seeking and living out truths of the faith. Find out more.

May2 Special Guest: Dr. Richard Blackaby
Men’s Fraternity is privileged to have Dr. Richard Blackaby, president of the international ministry, “Experiencing God”, speaking on the theme of Spiritual Leadership. Find out more.

May3 The Village
Every woman who steps through the threshold of Island ECC is welcome in The Village. Through this weekly gathering, we create a space where women can do life together and bring ourselves wholly into engagement with God and one another. Find out more.

May26 Dangerous Women Conference
Come hear from “dangerous” women in our community and city on their exciting adventures with God and how you can begin your own adventure by discovering your God-given identity as His change-maker at home, in the corporate world, our city, and the world. Find out more.



May13 IDEAL Mother's Day Walkathon
Ready for a little hike? Hope of the City is looking for five volunteers to prepare for the Mother’s Day Walkathon organised by the Intellectually Disabled Education and Advocacy League (IDEAL) at the Peak. Find out more.

Jul30 Mongolia Mission Trip
This year again we will be returning to Mongolia for a week-long summer camp (July 30–August 7) in the countryside serving a hundred abandoned children, followed by a week in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar (August 7–13) reaching impoverished groups in the slum districts. Join our info session on Sunday, April 30 at 1:30pm in 11/F Classroom. Registration opens the same day. Find out more.



May7 Coping with Genesis
This 6 week course will examine the main themes of Creation, Fall, Sin, Flood, Genealogies and Babel and will hopefully create a safe passage through which we can navigate without losing Biblical truths, modern science and our minds! Find out more.

May12 Heaven, Hell & Eternal Life
Many people are intrigued by what lies beyond death's door but we live in an age bombarded with conflicting views. How can we be sure of what is true? Join us for a 6-week, no homework Women's Bible Study as we examine the Bible's answers about death and what comes next. Find out more.

May21 Baptism Class
Baptism is the way we express our faith in Jesus Christ to our church family. If you’re interested in being baptised, please plan to attend the 2-Sunday baptism class on Sunday, May 21 & 28 (both classes required). Find out more.

May28 God and Me: The Use of Spiritual Disciplines
Maturity as a follower of Christ comes with effort and discipline. This five-week class focuses on the disciplines that assist in having a vital, growing relationship with Christ. With solid Scriptural foundations and practical principles, it will deal with such topics as prayer, Bible study, fasting, and stewardship. Find out more.

May28 Old Testament Big Picture: Kings and Prophets
Starting from the Judges and the beginning of the nation of Israel, the Old Testament is an avalanche of names, places, battles, prophets and nations. Yet through it all, God accomplished His BIG PICTURE purpose which has at its centre Jesus Christ. If you find it difficult to make sense of Israel’s history, join this class to learn how it all fits together! Find out more.

Jun4 Island Bible Seminar: Dr. Erez Soref
IBS will feature Dr. Erez Soref, President of Israel Bible College on June 4 on a special topic related to Israel. Find out more.

Jun14 Grief Support Group
Have you lost a spouse, family member or friend, and are grieving or don't even know where to start? Do you ever feel like people don't understand the pain you carry? This 6-week support group starting June 14, is a safe place to share and learn from each other the journey of grief everyone will need to walk through sometime in our lives. Find out more.

Jun18 Conversational Evangelism Coaching Class
Many people find evangelism difficult, and some approach it with the wrong motives. This class will explore these issues by putting evangelism is the wider picture of what God is doing in this world and in your own life. The instructors aim to help you to share your faith with more confidence by becoming a better listener and understanding conversational dynamics. Find out more.



Bold Faith Development Director

This full-time position will spearhead the development of the Bold Faith Initiative in building relationships and cultivating generosity to raise sufficient funds to acquire new church premises. We are looking for a mature Christian leader with solid managerial experience in development and fundraising. If you are interested, please send cover letter and CV to .

Financial Systems Analyst (Contract Position)

We are looking for a Systems Analyst to support the contractor in developing and maintaining the church financial software applications and automation projects. This includes system design, migration, implementation, scheduling and reporting. Relevant professional training/experience in I.T., database exposure, programming, and analysis work is required as well as fluency in English. 1 year contract position from 1 June, approximately 20 hours per week. If you are interested, please send cover letter and CV to .

Design Assistant

We are looking for a full-time Graphic Design Assistant to make God's church beautiful! This includes supporting in design, artwork production, and project management. Basic technical knowledge and 2+ years experience in the design field is required. Fluent English and Cantonese needed. A serving heart is a must. Please send a portfolio with your application. If you are interested, please send cover letter and CV to .


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