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Island Info: 15th October 2017

“Being One” Singles Conference Recap; The Great Getaway; Renew Worship Night; Justice Conference 2017

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Special Items



Oct24 Men’s Fraternity
We believe men need other men. We need other men to rally around us, strengthen us, have man-to-man honesty, and experience got-your-back friendships. Men’s Fraternity aims to nurture a brotherhood where men seek to live each day for the God they love. Dinner provided at 7 pm. Find out more.

Oct25 The Village (Fall 2017)
Looking for a hub for women? Come join us this week! We are exploring what it means to be fully alive in God and diving into the power of our true identity and purpose. Join us for good food, community and fruitful conversations. Dinner provided at 7 pm. Find out more.

Oct28 Walking with God
Join us in experiencing an outdoor and purposeful walk with God and His people around Quarry Bay. Find out more.

Nov5 How Do You Present Faith in a Post-Modern Culture?
This special guest talk by Dr. Alister McGrath considers some of the major features of “postmodern culture,” which includes a preference for images and stories over arguments, and a suspicion towards “big ideas” of reality. Drawing on themes from his biography of C. S. Lewis, Dr. McGrath will show how Christianity can connect with and reach into the present culture of deep suspicion towards concepts such as truth. This talk will take place during 3pm service on 5 November. Find out more.

Nov10 Renew Worship Night
Music is designed to excite our emotions. It has a unique power to awaken our hearts in a way that words alone cannot. And when God’s people come together to lift their voices as one, there’s nothing like it. This is why we sing! Find out more.



Oct22 Food Drive: Rice Harvest Season
1.5 million people in Hong Kong go hungry everyday. Hope of the City wants to change that by holding a food drive for Feeding Hong Kong over the next two Sundays. Bring your contributions to church and drop them in the marked boxes. Find out more.

Oct28 Chung Yeung Festival Family Outing
Hope of the City is partnering with Yan Kei Evangelical Church to spend this traditional Double Ninth Festival with low-income families at the Double Haven in the northeastern New Territories. Find out more.

Dec21 Philippines Mission Trip
We will be serving a local community in Cebu, Philippines by equipping them through a leadership program. Find out more.



Oct22 How to Study the Bible
Have you ever wondered how you can understand the Bible in a systematic way and learn to apply the Word of God in your life? This class will teach you the basic principles and methods of Bible Study Method. Find out more.

Oct22 Christianity and Cultural Engagement
As Christians, how do we engage in the culture around us? What did Jesus have to say about the culture of his day? This class will look at how the Biblical authors engage with their culture, drawing lessons and applications for the modern world. We will also be applying these biblical principles in case studies. Find out more.

Oct22 Forgiveness
God commands us to forgive. As challenging as it is, forgiveness ultimately heals us. Research shows people who forgive suffer fewer health issues and enjoy better immune systems. Find out more.

Oct25 Divorce Support Group
Divorce and separation bring deep hurts and raise complex issues. This support group combines video sessions with group discussions led by safe, caring people. You will find people who share the same kind of experiences and feelings with you. Sessions are for both men and women (who meet together for video and then meet in separate small groups for discussion). You are welcome to come to the first session to decide if this is will assist you as you deal with your loss. Find out more.

Oct25 Pure Desire for Women
We all long for security, identity and validation, and it’s easy to fall into patterns of seeking fulfllment through false intimacy or sexual behaviour. Pure Desire ministry ofers women the tools to break this addictive cycle and fnd true healing. Find out more.

Oct28 Intentional Parenting for Young Parents
We all want to love our children the best we can. We want to be godly parents who bring out the best in our children. So, how can we “intentionally” exercise our God given role as parents? Join us, and other fellow parents at a similar life stage, for this 8-week beta care group to learn 10 practical ways to become exceptional parents. Find out more.

Nov10 Counselling Individuals with Problematic Emotions
This course will assist students in understanding the complexities of our emotions and develop skills to counsel those suffering from difficult emotions. Find out more.

Nov19 What's Next?
After Alpha, What's Next in the Christian Life? This course is designed for post-Alpha attendees who are looking to take the next steps in discovering Jesus. Find out more.

Nov26 The Book of Acts
Come join this class to see how God worked powerfully through the Apostles and and learn how the early church grew so rapidly after the departure of Jesus from this earth.  Find out more.

Dec3 Christmas Recovered
Christmas is the world's most loved festival but not because it celebrates the birth of the Messiah. In Christmas Recovered we will separate myth and reality in the Christmas story, and deepen our faith as we discover the power of God through the faith of his chosen servants. Find out more.


Service Opportunities

Kids Club Volunteers (3PM Service)

We are in need of additional volunteers for our 3 pm Kids Club service. We are looking for small group leaders and large group leaders for Preschool and Primary children. For more information, email .

Production Crew Volunteers

Our Production Crew is looking for dedicated volunteers to help make our Sunday services a worshipful experience. You don’t have to be a media professional to volunteer, just an eye for detail and passion to serve. For more information, email .

Looking to serve God with your work and be a part of our vibrant, dynamic staff? Click here to view our employment opportunities. 

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