Oct 31, 2010 | Brett Hilliard


Romans 12:3
This message is close to my heart. We’ll look at the concept of self-image, and how our faith should radically affect the way we see ourselves. My personal conviction is that a biblical view of self is one of the greatest needs of all of us. Too often, we exert mammoth amounts of energy to present a false persona, all the while struggling with deep insecurities. Some try to offset insecurity by over-achieving, perfectionism. Some hide away in self-condemning shame. But Christ has freed us from both of these extremes, and offers something so much more. I pray we will all grow in this area through the Word we hear today.

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We're looking at Romans 12 for a series of 6 weeks, andwill use this as a grid to understand more fully how our faith can deepen and become moreconsistent. Most Christians report that they are not satisfied with the health of their walk with God.This chapter, perhaps better than any other single chapter in scripture, explains in practical terms howwe are to relate well to God, to ourselves, our Christian friends and our unbelieving friends. I reallybelieve you will be blessed by this series.

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