Raw Emotion

Nov 29, 2015 | Brett Hilliard


Luke 17:11-19
I came across a quote from a dear friend of mine, and my senior pastor/boss before I came to Hong Kong. In exchange for my weekly welcome words, I was inspired by his words and wanted to share them with you. About gratitude, Ronnie Stevens, writes: “A thankful person enjoys a perpetual feast. Gratitude is the confession that we have a Benefactor who is attentive and engaged. Gratitude humbles our prosperity and sweetens our adversity. It honors the Creator, enrages the opposer and ennobles the living of our days. It walks joyous among the virtues and rallies a strong defense against discouragement. Celebrate it as an achievement, wear it as an ornament, teach it as a discipline.” I hope that today you are able to deepen your sense of expressed gratitude, both to God and to others.

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