Martin Radford

Martin Radford was born in the UK to an Anglican minister. He studied theology and philosophy, was trained as a teacher, and first taught in the UK before coming to Hong Kong in 1984.

God has always allowed Martin to use his love of music in worship and joy of teaching to serve in His church. In 2003, a clear calling of God came and Martin left teaching to enter ministry as worship director at St. Andrew’s Church, Hong Kong. Later, he worked alongside pastors in various churches, including 18 months as Acting Pastor at Resurrection Church. After being involved for over 5 years in the work of Inner City Ministries (a mission towards Hong Kong’s South Asian ethnic minority and an Island ECC supported partner), he became its CEO in 2010.

Martin and his wife, Kitty, have been attended Island ECC since 2011 where he has been involved in drama, adult bible-teaching, worship, mission, study trips and the odd video here and there.

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