Bold Faith FAQ

Why now?

Our current lease expires in Oct 2016, and we fully expect to renew. However, in the meantime we want to begin seriously negotiating for long-term solutions to our growing space issue. In order to negotiate, it is vital that we can show ourselves to be financially strong, and to have funding that would allow us to move forward in a purchase or development.

How much?

Our goal is to raise a minimum of 1 billion HKD over the coming 3 years. This will not be enough to finalise our project, and we will need to raise additional funds in a few years time, but it will provide enough for us to negotiate and move forward with plans.

What are the guidelines being used to select a site?

We are trusting God to provide a facility somewhere on Hong Kong Island. Obviously, an easily-accessible location is preferred, but we are weighing that with the cost restraints. Based on years of research, there are three main models which surface as options: 1. Joint venture with developer, 2. Conversion of industrial space, 3. Purchase existing commercial property.

Given our growing numbers, have we considered church planting again?

In Oct 2010, we planted Watermark Community Church in Cyberport with 200 people, strong leadership, and a 3-year financial commitment. It alleviated our need of space for less than a year despite being a successful endeavour that we would love to venture into again. For this reason, we are looking to secure a permanent facility that could serve as the central hub for any future church plants.

What is the financial position of the church currently?

God has provided abundantly through the year, and the church leadership has been wise in determining budgets. We are therefore in a sound, financial position. For those who would like to see our latest audited financials, you can request a copy from the financial office via . Alternatively, if you would like a quick overview of our church's work over the past year, please download our latest annual report here.

Will this giving campaign affect the church's commitment to outreach and missions?

No, it will not. We are committed to maintaining all current levels of support to outreach and missions. This means that all BOLD FAITH giving needs to be above and beyond your regular support to the church in order to faithfully maintain our existing ministries. In fact, we are trusting that with the growth that the BOLD FAITH campaign allows, we can increase our commitment to outreach, both overseas and in Hong Kong.

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