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First Things First

Priorities. Post-it notes. To Do Lists. The Great Commission. The Great Commandment. Your Firstfruits. Your First Things. There are many things that compete for our time and energy. Which of those matter? Which of those matter for eternity? We know that God is a God of mission, but is mission what matters most to Him? Join Island ECC for our Global Outreach conference with keynote speaker Steven C. Hawthorne and find the answer.


Register at The Connect Counter at 1/F Island ECC,
or online with the registration form here
Tickets: $150 before January 14, $200 at Connect Counter till Jan 20, $250 at the door.


Friday, 25 January, 2013
7:30 pm        Worship
8:00 pm        What Matters Most: Life On Purpose - Steven C. Hawthorne
9:00 pm        After Party

Saturday, 26 January, 2013
9:15 am        Worship and welcome
10:00 am      Follow Me: Life Beyond Fears and Lesser Loves - Steven C. Hawthorne
11:00 am      Workshop Session I
12:30 pm      Lunch and Mission Fair
2:00 pm        Workshop Session II
3:00 pm        Workshop Session III
4:00 pm        Worship       
4:10 pm        Closing and Q&A - Steven C. Hawthorne
5:00 pm        Conference Ends


Hearing God in Silence and Solitude – led by William Pritchard
Desiring to hear from God? This workshop is an invitation to unplug completely and enter into a world of solitude between you and God. No prior experiences required. All are welcome.  

Praying Beyond Your Needs - led by Praise Ma
How do we pray for the many things that we care about when there is so little time to spare? How can we develop an active and giving prayer life to pray for people beyond our friends and loved ones?

Running on Empty - led by Rick and Jane Bates
Since we all face many demands, responsibilities and people to care for, we can often get emotionally, physically and spiritually depleted. This workshop looks at key biblical principles that provide help for effectively monitoring built-in life gauges and staying on the right road with enough fuel in our tanks for each journey.


The Art of Asking Questions – led by Patrick Raths
In the world of technology, many people have lost the art of communication, talking and simply asking questions about each other, and about faith. This workshop will examine how to use apologetics as a tool to build meaningful relationships with people and point them to Christ rather than just winning arguments or knowing the right answer.

Finger on the Pulse of China – led by Myron Youngman
China's economic and political growth has brought it to an unprecedented place on the world stage. Together with that, there have been massive shifts in society and culture. This workshop how look at national and overseas churches are responding to these trends and and needs. 

Social Enterprises: New Missions Frontiers - led by Yee Kai Liow

  • Chi-hing Kee (Fullness Social Enterprises Society Limited)
  • KO Chia (Grace Financial)
  • Andrew You (Kairos Fellowship)

Social enterprises are a strategic way to be salt and light in many areas. From providing jobs and sustainability to providing a platform in restricted-access countries, social enterprises are a new frontier for missions. This will be a panel discussion on the various aspects of social enterprises. 

Telling the Gospel through Stories - led by Samuel Chiang
At the core of our hearts are sets of stories in our mother tongue language set in a specific worldview. When we replace those story sets with biblical story sets, individuals are changed and community transformation can take place.  The Church has rediscovered the ancient keys. Storytelling the Gospel works whether it is in the marketplace or in missions. Come and hear how and why this stuff works!




Steve Hawthorne is director of Waymakers, a mission and prayer mobilization ministry. After co-editing the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course and book in 1981, he launched “Joshua Project,” a series of research expeditions among unreached peoples in Asia and the Middle-East. He had to sneak his way into Urbana ‘76, Intervarsity’s triennial missions conference. The conference was sold out, so he slept on a dormitory floor, ate out of vending machines and paid his registration fee via the offering plate. The opening address by John Stott, “The Living God is a Missionary God” changed his life. Steve says of his writing and speaking, “I like to commit arson of the heart.”


Myron Youngman
Myron’s China career began more than 25 years ago at the People’s University in Beijing. He is the founder and president of the Kaifa Group, which was established for the purpose of fostering development in the areas of education, culture and commerce.

Patrick Raths
Patrick Raths came to Island ECC in 2008 as a seeker. Apologetics has played an important role in his Christian walk: it was key to his conversion, and he later attended the RZIM Apologetics course at Oxford University. He is passionate about teaching the 2:7 discipleship course and leading Alpha groups.

Praise Ma
Praise Ma is a middle school teacher at Hong Kong International School. She grew up following her parents to China for mission work. She has been leading the Rwanda mission team at Island ECC since 2004 and is currently a member of the Global Outreach team.

Rick and Jane Bates
Rick is the Executive Pastor at Island ECC.  Prior to this, he served as the Director of Asia Member Care for the International Mission Board, providing counselling and care-giving to missionary personnel throughout Asia.  Jane is a primary teacher at Island Christian Academy.

Samuel Chiang
Rev. Samuel Chiang worked at Ernst & Young in Canada, is a graduate of Dallas Seminary where he also served on staff. He is the Executive Director of the International Orality Network (ION). His passion is for oral communicators to hear, understand and further reproduce the message of the Gospel in the family, work place, and across communities.

William Pritchard
Will Pritchard is the Regional Manager of Partners International Hong Kong. He came to Hong Kong in 1999 as a missionary with Youth With A Mission. Later he work with Inner City Ministry and then served as the Director of Global Outreach at Island ECC prior to holding his current position and is now passionately involved in reaching the unreached throughout Asia, North Africa and the Middle East.

Yee Kai Liow
Kai is an in-house counsel for Schneider Electric. He has launched several Business as Missions initiatives, and is a founding member of the Kairos Fellowship, a non-profit organization that is also involved in social enterprises in Cambodia.



Asian Charity Services (ACS) is a nonprofit organization that serves the HK community of nonprofits by providing pro bono capacity building training to charity/nonprofit board members, CEOs and EDs, helping them to create greater impact in society. Janice Ng is the program manager of ACS, she took the leap of faith into the NGO world last year after almost ten years in the financial boiler room. She confesses she is in love with Mongolia and does all she can to spend her summers there.

Alpha Hong Kong

ChinaSource is based in Hong Kong and engages the global Christian community with critical knowledge needed to collaborate with and serve the Chinese churches and society. 

The Endowment for Youth Global Development (EYGD) was founded by Breakthrough to empower young people and youth workers to develop a global perspective and lead sustainable change in their global and local communities through direct global exposure via trip-inclusive programs, “glocal” network and community building and "global" sharing of youth work-related information and resources. 

English Language Institute China (ELIC) 

Frontiers Ltd was established in 1997 as a member of Frontiers International. They are a multi-denominational and international missions agency which aims to mobilize Chinese churches to participate in Gospel missions to Muslims. They earnestly invite new peacemakers to serve among the various Muslim people groups, to let the Holy Spirit plant churches in the midst of 16 billion Muslims.

Hope of The City was set up to counter the growing disparity between the rich and the poor in Hong Kong. They partner with local organizations to outreach to the disenfranchised. Through the efforts of committed volunteers, Hope focuses on relationship-building and resource mobilization to address spiritual and material poverty. Amy Tsai is responsible for its Business Development. When not at her desk, she can be found hiking around Hong Kong and eating fresh fruit on hot summer days.

Inner City Ministries (ICM) is an interdenominational Christian mission committed to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ to the South Asian community in the Yau Tsim Mong district of Hong Kong.  Since 1994. Their staff have been involved in whole person ministry aimed at bringing effective and lasting transformation to the poor and marginalized through care programmes, education and vocational training.

International Orality Network (ION) exists to influence the body of Christ to make disciples of all oral learners. The Network has over 1200 member organizations, churches, and denominations ranging from the larger to the smaller dispersed across every time zone with focused interest in business, education, and unengaged and unreached people groups.

International Students, Inc (ISI) exists to share Christ's love with international students and to equip them for effective services in cooperation with the local churches and others. Eva Lee has been working with ISI for over 10 years.

MSI Professional Services (MSI) is an NGO dedicated to serving the holistic needs of the people in inland China. They send committed Christian professionals to share Christ's love through the witness of their lives, partnering with the Chinese government to improve the economic and social status of poor and disadvantaged communities.

The Mustard Seed Workshop Limited is a business with a social purpose based in Hong Kong with presence in Singapore and Malaysia. They offer exceptional handmade gifts that are socially responsible, stunningly presented and exquisitely packaged. Their goal is to encourage holistic transformation within a community through providing sustainable and gainful employment, equipping them with viable distribution channels, and connecting them with global consumers. Charlene Kotwall is the founder of the business.

Opportunity International’s (OI) mission is to grow businesses, create jobs and transform lives by providing entrepreneurs with micro-business loans, training and consulting services. The loans enable clients to develop and sustain income-generating businesses that create jobs for the community. Jeanne Ng is a member of Island ECC and has been blessed to be a part of OI HK since 2010. She believes that the marketplace is where God calls this generation to testify of His glory.

Operation Mobilisation’s (OM) role in the Church is to mobilize and equip people to share the knowledge of Jesus and His love with every generation in every nation especially among the unreached. OM pioneers and leads initiatives to redeem lives, rebuild communities and restore hope in over 110 countries.

OMF International (OMF) is part of an international body of more than 1400 members from 30 nations reaching 70 people groups in East Asia, OMF’s mission is to glorify God through the urgent evangelization of East Asia's peoples including discipleship, church planting , tent-making, youth ministry, professional services and mobilizing and equipping Asian churches for world missions.

Partners International (PI) serves the vision and mission of Indigenous Ministries in the hard places of the world from North of Africa, to the Arab World, to Central Asia, and throughout Asia. They provide financial resources for strategic ministry projects across the globe - from training pastors in China to micro-enterprise loans to women in Ghana. Their core programs include Building the Church, Transforming Communities, and Empowering Women and Children.

Proclaim works closely with local partners to build a healthy gospel-proclaiming church in Yunnan, with children and youth as an integral part of the church.  They are grateful to be vessels used of God in Sending, Going and Praying for new generations of children and youth! When not playing with her new Canon toys, Magdalene Loh constantly marvels at how God dovetailed a legal career and in pioneering a ministry.

Sowers Exchange (SX) is a pioneering social enterprise set up in HK to assist corporations in impacting impoverished communities in the Asia Pacific region through community development initiatives. Bobby Tse was focusing on the corporate sector for 20 years until he went on his first missions trip, and then everything changed and now he works in the social sector.

Society of English Learning Through Biblical Literature (SELBL)

Systematic Asian Leadership Training (SALT)

TWR-Asia Chinese Internet Ministry began ministry in the late 1990’s. They aim to demonstrate Christ's love and minister to young adults, meeting them at their level, relevant to their concerns. Through their websites (ktwr.net and abc111.net, etc). They provide spiritual nourishment to Christians through the Internet. Currently they webcast over 40 programs.


Wycliffe Bible Translators (Hong Kong) was established in 1987 and is a member organization of Wycliffe Global Alliance.  Their mission is to inspire and enable church congregations in Hong Kong to participate in Bible Translation through prayer, financial giving, and personal involvement.  They are well equipped to provide training for those interested in serving in needed areas.

WEC International of HK is an international and interdenominational faith mission whose main thrust is evangelism and church planting among unreached people groups. WEC does this through preaching and teaching, medical and educational work, rural development, social relief, business activities, media, translation, ministry to children at risk and in crisis as well as Bible correspondence and study programmes.

Youth With A Mission Tuen Mun is a branch of Youth With A Mission (YWAM) based in Hong Kong. With a call to serve worldwide as well as locally, they seek to further God’s kingdom, whether through utilizing the performing arts, serving the poor and needy, or equipping the Body of Christ for missions.